Toilet Paper May Be The Secret To A Perfectly Clean Toilet Rim. Here's How

When it comes to cleaning your toilet, you should be aiming for doing it at least once per week, or more if it appears visibly dirty or someone in your household is ill. You probably know all about which products to use for the lid, seat, and bowl, but what about the rim? A little trickier to clean due to its angled design, this area of your toilet can quickly become a trap for germs if you don't clean it thoroughly. However, the following hack will make sure your toilet rim is sparkling clean, and it requires one item you definitely already have in your bathroom: toilet paper.

Sure, you can (and should) be using your toilet brush to properly get to the rim and remove build-up, but, by taking this one extra step beforehand, removing any gunk will be much easier. Grab a fresh roll and get ready to revolutionize your bathroom cleaning routine in a way you've probably never thought of before.

The ideal hack for a busy day of cleaning

Firstly, flip up the lid and seat. Next, take a good amount of toilet paper and spritz it with either a versatile cleaning product like vinegar, or your preferred cleaner spray. Firmly put the paper around the rim of the bowl at the very top. The reason you need to put it near the edge is because that's where germs often accumulate, but can't be seen as well due to the curve of the bowl. As the toilet paper sits, you can clean the rest of your bathroom or go off and do another task.

When done, return to the toilet, clean the rest of the bowl and exterior, and then dispose of the paper by flushing it as usual. The paper should have soaked up lots of the germs, making the area ready for a really good clean. Always make sure to wash your hands after applying the paper and removing it to maintain good hygiene and eliminate any remaining chemical residue. Simple and effective, try this hack the next time you want to give you toilet an extra deep clean.