The Popular Home Decor Item Jeremiah Brent Avoids At All Costs (And Why You Should Too)

Interior designer and HGTV star Jeremiah Brent has remodeled hundreds of homes for over 10 years, so he knows which design elements work and which ones don't work. One thing Brent always suggests avoiding is displaying fake flowers and plants around the house. In one of his TikTok videos, Brent names five things homeowners should never do in their home, and decorating with artificial greenery is first on the list. He states, "I think it's important for any living space to have living things in it." Even though fake flowers and plants are meant to give the illusion of the real thing, they don't emit the same energy or come with the same benefits.

Brent is known for decorating interiors with a minimalist style. He enjoys the appeal of layering neutral colors with home décor, wood features, and textures to create the perfect cozy abode. In an interview with Homes & Gardens, he says, "It's all about texture and contrast in the right way. I think a neutral palette is super transitional, but I think there's still a lot of texture you can bring in with that neutrality." A significant part of layering neutral tones is knowing what décor to use. Real plants are the best way to add color and texture to a neutral space while also offering physical benefits. Brent tells Living Spaces, "Nothing makes a space feel more homey, warm, inviting, and open than plants," and this is only true when they're real.

Artificial plants give you a longer cleaning list

Jeremiah Brent knows how challenging it is to keep real flowers and plants alive when you don't have a green thumb. You may try to follow a watering schedule and place them in a sunny area, but they still don't last more than a few days. Or, if you display a bouquet of flowers, it won't live long. However, Brent says, "I understand the convenience around fake plants. I know some houses are dark. But still, for me it's a sacrifice I'm not willing to make," per deMilked. He says that it's best to decorate with real types instead of fake ones to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning. Artificial plants attract dust, meaning you have to wipe off each leaf to keep them clean. Plus, the color of their leaves quickly fades when they're in direct sunlight for hours.

Further, natural plants have many benefits when displayed inside a home. For example, they reduce stress and create a calming environment. They remove toxins and pollutants, which helps improve the air quality in your home and allows you to sleep and live better. There are hundreds of different plants and flowers you could display, but if you don't have a green thumb, choose houseplants that are easy to keep alive. You also don't have to add plants to every room in your home; instead, start with one and make sure you can properly care for it before buying more.