If Your Kitchen Sink's Sponge Caddy Won't Stay Suctioned, We Have The Perfect Hack For You

Having a sponge caddy that attaches to your sink is immensely useful for when you have a lot of dishes to get through, not to mention that it's a great way to store your wet sponge so it can drip dry. However, it's no secret that caddies often lose suction and start to slip down or fall off over time. Fortunately, there's a way to make this stop happening, and it involves none other than petroleum jelly.

Not just for moisturizing lips or healing sores, this bathroom cupboard essential will help to give your caddy the extra suction it needs to carry on sticking rather than slipping away. It can be super annoying when you're trying to wash up and keep having to deal with a falling item, but this one inexpensive product will help to put things right in an instant. Here's all you need to know so your sponge and its home stay firmly in place the next time you're cleaning dishes.

Stop the annoyance of a falling sink caddy with this nifty cheap hack

To make your sponge caddy stay up for longer than a few minutes, simply grab your tub of petroleum jelly and rub a little bit onto each suction cup. As demonstrated by @cleanthatup, it will then stay in place without budging. The reason this hack works is because petroleum jelly adds a barrier between the suction cups and the surface you want the caddy to stick to, giving it extra suction power.

Additionally, moisture will be stopped from seeping out because of this barrier, which will also help the caddy to stick for longer. Another good tip when you're trying to make something stick is to make sure the area is completely dry. Suction doesn't stick well to wet surfaces, so patting down your wall tile or the side of your sink before attempting to adhere anything will go a long way. Next time you feel frustrated at a sink caddy sliding down, just reach for the jelly (or a similar product) and solve your problem in seconds.