Give Your IKEA Alex Storage Drawers A Luxurious Upgrade With This Creative Hack

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The Alex drawer system from IKEA, which costs about $90, is one of the retailer's bestsellers. These vertical storage pieces with five drawers are often found in many homes, doing everything from serving as valuable desk and closet storage to makeup vanities and trendy nightstands. They can be a great solution for a number of storage needs with their subdued and non-descript appearance. However, TikTokker @modernbohocottage showed off an amazingly simple and beautiful hack for these inexpensive drawers that creates a custom piece with a lot of wood-detailed charm. Basically, it requires adding fluted wood and hardware to the front of the drawers, which provides the piece with lots of character.

The end result is a storage unit with a modern boho style that looks way more expensive than it is. Whether you are looking to amp up your basic set of drawers into a custom piece or just want a way to beautify an existing set that has seen better days, this IKEA hack is a budget-friendly alternative to buying a new dresser in this style. If you want to complete this project, you'll first need to head to the hardware store to gather your materials. 

How to customize your Alex drawers

TikToker @modernbohocottage begins by gathering her materials, which include an assembled set of Alex drawers, some plywood, fluted wood trim, wood glue, a drill, and brass hardware. You will also need access to a saw, which you will use to cut your basic plywood and fluted trim into pieces that are the same size as your drawer fronts. Once they are the correct size, begin applying your fluted trim, which you could buy at Home Depot, vertically and snugly together onto the plywood with wood glue until the pieces are fully covered. Once the trim has been applied, adhere the back of your plywood pieces to the front of each drawer with more wood glue, allowing them to dry securely.

Next, drill a hole through the trim, plywood, and drawer front in the middle of each drawer to add your desired hardware. TikToker @modernbohocottage chooses a polished brass knob similar to ones on Amazon that instantly elevates the drawer fronts. She then places several of her custom Alex drawers together to create a large bureau that's perfect for housing items like socks, underwear, workout wear, and accessories.