Wine Corks Will Save The Day The Next Time Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Knob Breaks

A kitchen cabinet with a loose or missing knob is a frustrating problem to have. You waste time trying to open the cabinet by fumbling with the bottom of the door, which doesn't always work as it's not particularly gripable. Most of us abandon whatever was in the cupboard until we can contact our kitchen installer or visit the hardware store for a replacement, but depending on what types of knobs you have, this could potentially take a while. 

Thankfully, there's a faster and cheaper solution so you can access your glasses and dishes once again. Not only is this a quick remedy, but it may be a free one as well — especially if you drink a lot of wine. If you have access to a wine cork, you can easily glue it onto the cabinet where the handle once was and use that to pull the door open. It's a quick way to add knobs to any cabinet without drilling any holes.

How to use a wine cork on your cabinet

Ready to try this handy way to repurpose wine corks in your kitchen? In most cases, you'll be gluing unfinished wood (the wine cork) to painted wood (your cabinetry). You need glue suitable for both surfaces; a quality polyurethane glue should do the trick. Lowe's has a 4-ounce tube of Gorilla Glue Original Polyurethane Adhesive for $8.48. You'll also need a pair of rubber gloves and a roll of masking tape. If you want a discreet fix, paint the cork in a color that matches your cabinets before attaching it.

When dealing with glue and small surface areas (like the end of a wine cork), it's a good idea to don a pair of gloves. Select a cork with as flat an end as possible; some cork ends are frustratingly rounded. If you have the latter, boil or steam the cork to soften it, and when the stopper is still warm, trim the end flush with a sharp knife. Apply a dab of glue to the cork, enough for a firm attachment but not so much that there's visible excess. Wait a few seconds to let the glue get tacky, then press the cork onto the cabinet where the knob once was. Place a strip of duct tape over the cork, attaching either end to the cabinet door. This will hold the cork in place until the glue fully cures — around 24 hours at most.