Why You May Want To Rethink Buying New Holiday Decor This Season

When the holiday season rolls around, it's hard not to be attracted to the glitz and glamor of decor and essentials. Sure, the newer decor is on target with the latest trends, but you probably have a large box of decor dating back to three decades ago all the way up to the present. While that likely hasn't stopped you from adding the newest holiday decor to your cart, pausing on holiday shopping is something to consider. Especially since it can harm the environment and your wallet.

There are plenty of ways to have a fully bedecked home that screams holiday festivities without having to purchase new pieces every season. Most of the materials for decor and fake trees or wreaths are made from materials that can't be broken down for recycling when they're no longer in use. Not to mention, there are ways to stretch your holiday decor budget without needing to keep your home on a yearly rotation.

The dangers of seasonal decor

Waste and environmental hazards might not be on your radar when it comes to holiday shopping or items, but sadly, the cute pieces do more damage than you realize. Wrapping paper, in particular, is very wasteful. One report found that enough wrapping paper is discarded during the holiday season to wrap around the Earth nine times. On top of this waste, the production of wrapping paper is also capable of producing significant carbon dioxide emissions that warm the Earth.

But, wrapping paper isn't the only culprit in harming the environment during this season. While you may think you're doing the Earth a favor by opting for artificial trees and wreaths, you're actually doing more harm than good (we didn't think it was possible either). That's due to the fact that artificial decor is constructed with PVC materials that do not break down when recycled, whereas real Christmas trees and wreaths are renewable.

Though there are a lot of environmental dangers to certain holiday decor, there's also the danger to your finances. Even if you're unhappy with some of the older decor, finding ways to revitalize your holiday pieces and transform them into something different is a smart way to decorate with a "new" piece you didn't have to purchase. Plus, this method also helps in reducing the amount of decor you have, to keep your home clutter-free.

How to decorate while remaining environmentally-friendly

So, how do you go about celebrating the holiday while being conscious of the environment and your spending? Apart from repurposing old decor, know that it is environmentally safe to purchase real trees and wreaths, especially since they're a renewable resource, unlike the faux options. Thrifting is another excellent avenue for hunting for decor pieces to transform into something new and modern for a fresh assortment.

You can also decide to lean into crafty ways to use ribbons and signs, or real elements of nature like one homeowner did, with fresh leaves and pinecones from their yard. To cut down on the waste from wrapping paper, consider making the switch to compostable bags or reusable bags that can be repurposed for next year's gift exchange. Bags still follow the element of surprise by concealing what's inside, while not adding to the Earth's waste mass, or emitting harmful carbon dioxide emissions.