This Handy Tool Can Help Solve Your Stinky Bathroom Problem

Many things can cause foul smells in the bathroom. Unwashed accessories and moist corners are some typical culprits, but you might find that odors sometimes still linger even after deep cleaning and homemade hacks to remove them. This is because some smells come from hidden stains that can't be seen with the naked eye and you need to first find them before you can get rid of them. A blacklight can easily help solve this problem.

Blacklights, also known as UV lights, can be used to uncover hidden smells since they reveal the organic residues that may be causing them. Some of these substances in your bathroom could be invisible fungi that are causing molds or bodily fluids like blood, urine, and saliva. When you shine a blacklight, it will immediately let you know where you need to pay attention to when cleaning. This tool also comes in handy in case you might be "noseblind" and can no longer pick up odors in your bathroom.

How to effectively use a blacklight

First, prep the area by clearing everything out of your line of sight. Then, turn off the lights and ensure the bathroom is completely dark so that the UV light can be more effective. Hold the backlight close to the surfaces, especially the inconspicuous ones, and move the light slowly while you inspect. If there is any residue, the stains will come up as glowing streaks and spots, as seen in this TikTok. Mark the spots so you remember exactly where to clean when the normal lights come back on. After cleaning, darken the room again and check to see that you didn't miss anything.

One area to focus on is the toilet bowl and the walls and floor around it. Things like the plunger and bath mats may also be harboring hidden stains. If you comb through your bathroom with a blacklight and still can't identify the source of a mysterious smell, the problem might be in the walls and structure of the building.