Upgrade Your Spin Mop With This Dollar Tree Hack For The Cleanest Floors You've Ever Had

When it comes to a deep cleaning day, we always leave mopping last on the to-do list. Moreover, the floors will only stay clean for a short time when family members are constantly walking throughout the house. However, upgrading your spin mop with an extra bucket to separate the fresh water from the dirty will guarantee you a much cleaner floor.

When we're dragging the bucket around and wringing out the mop, the floors won't look any cleaner if we constantly use the same water. But, replacing the dirty water with fresh water every few passes is wasteful. Even though spin mops lend us a hand in wringing out the water, we still use the dirty water to scrub the rest of the floors. The bright side is all you need is a small bucket from Dollar Tree for this mopping hack. Place the bucket in the opening next to the spinner and get ready to clean your tile, hardwood, or vinyl floors.

An extra bucket separates the clean and dirty water

In TikTok user @samina_iltaf's video, she followed this Dollar Tree bucket hack to mop the floors and claims she's never had cleaner floors. To begin, place the small bucket in the opening of the spin mop bucket, which will give you an extra bucket next to the spinner. Then, fill the Dollar Tree bucket with hot water and floor cleaner. Dip your mop into the bucket, scrub your floors, and wring out the water. You'll notice how the water falls into the spin mop bucket rather than the Dollar Tree bucket, keeping the dirty water separate from the clean water. Next, dip your mop back into the clean bucket and go over the floors again. If needed, you can fill the Dollar Tree bucket with more water and floor cleaner. 

Many of Smaina's followers were thrilled over learning about the hack she found. One comment said, "Ohhhh, that's actually smart and so simple." Another user stated, "So simple, why have I never thought of this? Will be doing this from now on, off I go to clean my floors." Other users questioned why spin mops don't include an extra bucket attached to the original bucket to make cleaning the floors easier. While you'll still get traces of dirty water in the clean bucket after wringing the water, you'll have far more spotless floors than you did before.