The Practical Reason You Should Keep An Empty Cereal Box Around The House

There are a few good reasons to hold onto an empty cereal box. Maybe you want to save the puzzle or word search on the back, or your first grader needs it to make a school craft. You might also recycle the cereal box as décor. Another good reason is one you might not have thought about: using it to put broken glass in.

You've probably broken a glass or plate at some point. Immediate cleanup is essential, of course, so you grab the broom and dustpan, and scoop up all the residue. Many people toss the pieces in the trash without a second thought, but those broken pieces are like tiny daggers that can easily pierce the bag, even after it leaves your home.

Having a cardboard box handy to pour the pieces into is a safe way to dispose of them, and a cereal box is a great size to collect the broken glass. Once collected, you can seal the box and throw it away without having to worry about where the pieces will end up while in the trash bag.

Other boxes to keep for broken glass cleanup

A cereal box works well for broken glass collection, but if you don't buy a lot of cereal or you'd rather use a smaller box to cut down on cardboard waste, there are plenty of other options. Pop-Tart boxes, crackers boxes, and cake mix boxes will do the trick. Pasta boxes can also be good choices. Just remember to seal the box before tossing it in the trash can. If the box doesn't have a resealable tab, you can tape it. 

Another thing to consider is the condition of the cardboard. Make sure it's not wet or falling apart, as this can defeat the purpose of using it as a protective barrier. If a piece of glass is thick and sharp enough, it could puncture the wall of a wet cardboard box if enough pressure is applied to it.

Of course, nobody plans to drop a dish and have it break, but accidents happen, so it's always good to be prepared. Although you have many box options, you don't necessarily have to keep multiple boxes lying around. Just one at a time should be fine.