Just Grab A Broom From Dollar Tree To Keep Your Shower Nice And Clean

Is there anything as rewarding (or as exhausting) as cleaning your shower? While the finished product is worth the toil, it can be a daunting and painful task, especially if you have to get on your hands and knees to scrub. That's why you want to try this TikTok shower hack, which uses a dollar store broom to leave your sudsy stall squeaky clean. Once you change or attach a push broom head, you can use it to really get at every surface inside your shower.

In order to get the most out of this trick, you want to find a broom that allows you to swap out the heads or comes with a push option. These heads are longer and more rectangular, which will allow you to get a more thorough scrub inside your shower. While different TikTokkers use slightly different cleaning products, most can be seen adding baking soda, which helps remove tough dirt and stains.

All you need to do is brush for a solid scrub

Start by adding a few scoops of baking soda around your shower's floor (this can also be inside the tub portion and on the walls). You can also use chemical powders, but baking soda is more environmentally friendly and still gets grime out. You can also add several squirts of dish soap to create a paste that will get your tiles even more fresh. Add some hot water to the tub or shower floor. Or, if you prefer to wet the bristles of your broom, you can; just don't overdo it.

From there, start scrubbing every inch of the tub and shower by using the broom, including the walls and any shelves or molding. Go over everything a few times, making sure to rub the mixture into the grout as well. Between the strong bristles and the cleaning solutions, soap scum and buildup will disappear with half the effort of using a sponge. Once you've finished scrubbing, turn on the water again and use the broom to clean away excess powder and soap. Ensure it all drains away, then use a clean cloth or let the area air dry. You don't have to spend time and energy bent over scrubbing the floors or corners, and a fresh broom can serve as your new shower scrubber — just replace it when the bristles start to fray or look worn to ensure a thorough clean each time.