Whatever Happened To Lifter Hamper Spring-Loaded Laundry Hamper After Shark Tank Season 4?

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Doing laundry is an everyday chore many people don't think all that much about, but if you're struggling with back pain, it can become a much more difficult task than simply tossing your items into the washer. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health Interview Survey (2019), 39% of adult Americans reported experiencing back pain within the last three months. Considering this, the repeated bending and lifting to remove clothes from a laundry hamper could worsen or exacerbate such back pain symptoms. To help address this issue, former NFL player Marvin Phillip developed the Lifter Hamper, which he pitched during Season 4 of "Shark Tank."

Instead of having to bend further down to reach the bottom of a laundry basket, users of the Lifter Hamper can watch their clothes come to them. The lifter hamper's design is essentially a normal laundry hamper that's made of a flexible material instead of something stiffer, so the weight of clothes will naturally cause the bag to stretch and lower. As items are removed, the weight is decreased, and the hamper lifts up, with the last few items of clothing being at hip height rather than down on the floor. Phillip's invention might be useful when trying to create a functional laundry room, but an available market doesn't necessarily guarantee success.

The Lifter Hamper on Shark Tank

Marvin Phillip began his pitch on Season 4, Episode 4 of "Shark Tank" by sharing his own story with back pain. After three years in the NFL, he suffered an injury that caused issues both on and off the field. In an effort to make an everyday chore less painful, he developed the Lifter Hamper, and he asked the Sharks for $85,000 in exchange for 12% equity. When presenting and demonstrating the idea, it was clear the stars of "Shark Tank" were interested in the idea, but they quickly pointed out some issues both on the business and design side of the company.

Phillip's company was very new and hadn't actually made it to market, so all he had to show the potential investors were a few contracts with representative firms. Because of this, all of the Sharks eventually dropped out, liking the idea and Phillip's personality, but agreeing that it was far too early to guarantee a return on their investment. Lori Greiner, however, noted that she would be willing to put in a few calls down the line when the product had more of a foothold in the market.

Lifter Hamper after Shark Tank

As Marvin Phillip was leaving the Sharks' Tank, he still seemed optimistic about the future success of his business. "Me not getting a deal today will make me work that much harder to get this product out there and take the necessary steps to make it a household name," he said as he left the show. As it turns out, this optimism was well-placed, and it's clear Phillip continued to work hard to better his product in the coming months and years.

After the Lifter Hamper's appearance on "Shark Tank," the pain-free laundry hamper had a bit of a design upgrade, and eventually made it to QVC. Whether or not this was with Lori Greiner's help is unclear, but it appears Phillip's time on the show helped him to kick start his business and start making sales rather than simply sitting with a good idea and zero profit to show for it.

Is Lifter Hamper still in business?

Currently, it appears the Lifter Hamper is still in business, though it is now less directly attached to founder Marvin Philip. In 2015, Lifter Hamper entered into a licensing agreement with Household Essentials. Household Essentials is a company that works with retailers to bring its product into physical and online shopping locations like The Home Depot, Kohl's, Amazon, and Overstock.com, and the product is still available to purchase from these retailers.

With that being said, however, the brand's social media pages have been inactive in recent years, with their most recent posts dating back to 2018. The Lifter Hamper website mentioned in the brand's Instagram bio is also no longer active, but the product is still available for sale, so it appears that this licensing agreement is still in effect. As a result, Marvin Philip is likely somewhat removed from the business side of things while still receiving a commission on the sale of the product he developed.

What's next for Lifter Hamper?

Based off of the brand's inactive social media, it looks like there isn't much coming up for the Lifter Hamper in the near future. Unfortunately, the product has been the target of some negative reviews online, with customers on Amazon only giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars across 288 ratings. Many are unimpressed by the hamper's construction and state it's flimsy and difficult to put together, especially considering the fact that it arrives in pieces and no instructions for assembly are included.

If the negative reviews continue to pile up, it might be the end of the road for the Lifter Hamper, so hopefully the brand's future involves a redesign that addresses customer's issues and feels like a worthier investment. This "Shark Tank" product might have experienced short-term success, but it's unclear if Marvin Phillip's goal of turning it into a household name will ever be accomplished.