Is There A Best Time Of Year To Start A Bathroom Remodel?

Are you getting sick of the look of your bathroom? If so, it might be time for an upgrade. But, before you immerse yourself in renovation plans, there's one thing you need to consider. And that's timing. One of the most important factors when planning these makeovers is deciding what season the work will take place in. So, is there a best time of year to start a bathroom remodel?

If you're looking for a stress-free and more cost-effective bathroom remodel, avoiding the busy spring and summer construction season might be your best bet. Remodeling your bathroom during the winter months can provide a wide array of benefits in terms of cost savings and easier contractor scheduling. That's why some home improvement experts say winter is the best time of year to start a bathroom remodel. And since the work that would be done in your bathroom will be an indoor job, you'll likely find contractors who are eager to take it on.

Winter offers flexibility with contractors

Redoing your bathroom during the winter can help you get better prices from contractors. This is because contractors tend to have less work during the colder months. One of these reasons is that homeowners willrenovate their homes in early spring to sell them during peak real estate season in June. Since fewer people are looking to sell their homes in the winter, the demand for renovation goes down, and so does the work for contractors.

There are also some home improvement jobs that just can't be done during the winter. This can be because the weather and low temperatures are too dangerous for contractors to work in or homeowners just don't want their house to be exposed to drafts when pieces of their house are removed or workers are coming in and out of the house. Warmer weather and more hours of light make contractors more likely to take on jobs during this time.

Since there is less work for contractors during these months, you won't be paying higher prices for in-demand workers. It will also be a lot easier to find companies to do the work when you want it done, rather than when they are available since their schedules will likely be more flexible in this slower season.

Better selection of trendy items

If you are into displaying the latest trends in your home, the winter is definitely the best time for you to remodel. This is because you'll be able to incorporate all of the latest design elements and products typically revealed at the end of the year for the start of the incoming year. So, your bathroom will be super on-trend by the time your winter remodel is complete. 

During the winter, you may also be able to get a better deal or a wider variety of trendy and other materials that you need for your bathroom makeover. Because of the lower demand, there will be less of a chance that the items you want will be out of stock. This can help you to create a bathroom remodel that will inspire you every time you step into the room or incorporate bathroom features that will boost your home's resale value