Nate And Jeremiah Reveal The One Bathroom Feature That'll Boost A Home's Resale Value

A well-appointed bathroom is a must in every home and often a favorite room for designers to flex their skills in creating beautiful and functional spaces. Whatever its size and floorplan, this is especially important in the master suite, which is often the most used by homeowners themselves, from bathing in the morning to brushing their teeth at night before bed. While every homeowner has their opinions on what is important in a master bathroom, with many people focusing on a perfect vanity or walk-in shower, renovations can often make an impact later when you decide to sell your home. 

In a recent episode of "Nate and Jeremiah by Design," Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent helped a couple turn their rough fixer-upper of a home into a dream house. The feat involved renovating the entirety of the home's single-story floor plan, including the creation of a master ensuite bathroom. When plotting their design, Nate and Jeremiah both agreed on the importance of adding a bathtub for potential resale value.

Why does a bathtub add value to your home?

The functionality and popularity of a walk-in shower may seem like a natural solution, especially for a small space. Walk-ins are often cited as the preferred way of bathing for busy homeowners who often favor quick showers far more than leisurely baths. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's decision to add a tub, however, was a wise one. Potential home buyers often have differing needs than the current occupant. They might desire a tub, whether it's for luxurious spa-like soaking or for bathing pets or children, which is far easier in a tub than a shower.

According to experts, the ROI on tub installation will almost always benefit the homeowner in the end, thanks to the fact that installation and maintenance often cost more money over a shower. While home buyers overwhelmingly prefer a combined bathtub and shower over no shower at all, a tub, or the lack of one, is still likely to impact how potential new owners see your space. This is particularly true for that all-important master suite, which is usually seen as a place for relaxation and luxurious touches like a large soaking or whirlpool tub.  

Small space tub solutions

In a home with multiple bathrooms, having a tub set up in one of them can be a huge selling point, even if smaller bathrooms only feature a walk-in shower. Larger bathrooms and larger homes may be able to accommodate a separate walk-in wet room with enough room for both a tub and shower or room enough for both a walk-in shower and a separate tub in a single bathroom.

If space is limited and you do not want to choose between them during a remodel, many homeowners have been using Nate and Jeremiah's idea of an alcove tub that allows the recessed look, including beautiful tile, while still retaining a bathtub that allows a more prolonged soak. You can also create a smaller, more compact version of a wet room, which can involve a larger shower stall with a smaller tub that shares space or drainage with the shower that is stationary or lightweight enough it can be moved for cleaning. For homes where accessibility may be an issue, a walk-in tub with a door that is also a shower may be a great solution.