The Natural Snake Repellent That's Already Sitting In Your Kitchen

Your backyard becomes less of an oasis when you're aware that snakes are slithering through the grass. Though most of them are harmless, they'll still make you not want to walk barefoot through your own lawn or play with the dog in the grass. Gardening becomes a little fraught, too, thanks to wondering when you'll hear the next hiss in the bushes, and sending your kids out to play becomes a little worrisome as well. Luckily, there is a natural snake repellent you can utilize that you probably already have sitting in the kitchen. All you need is a little bit of citrus.

Whether you have a bowl of oranges, a bag of grapefruit, or a ton of lemons being ignored in the fridge, any of these citruses will work to keep these slithering pests at bay. Not only does this allow you to use something you already have in the house, but it's also a great green alternative to using chemical sprays. This will not only be better for your garden but also for local wildlife that such sprays might impact. Curious on how to do it? Here's how to use citrus to repel snakes.

How to use citrus to repel snakes

There are several ways you can use citrus to keep snakes from your yard. First, you can make a citrus solution by collecting your lemon and orange rinds. Rather than tossing them into the trash, pop them into a large mason jar. Once you have enough peels, fill the jar with water and let the skins steep for at least 24 hours. Pour the solution through a sieve to collect the rinds, and use the citrusy spray as an all-natural snake repellent. Pour it into a spray bottle and liberally spray down your deck, patio furniture, steps, kids' playground, and anything else you want snakes to keep away from. Do this once daily or every few days to ensure the scent stays strong.

If you rather not go through the hassle of making a spray, you can also use the peels themselves as a deterrent. Rub them into the deck railing or furniture legs to keep the snakes from getting too close. You can also leave a bowl of wedges around strategic spots, like near your kids' play area, by the fence the reptiles keep slithering under, or near the barbecue. This will work thanks to the limonene found in citrus fruits, which is a chemical that naturally repels these slithering nuisances.