DIY Gorgeous Wall Décor On A Budget With This Creative Aluminum Foil Hack

If you appreciate art that's somewhat unusual not to mention creative décor that's incredibly affordable, then you might be interested in making your own DIY art pieces for your home. In that case, you definitely need to try the aluminum foil art hack that's popped up on TikTok. Using relatively cheap materials and a few quick steps, this super-easy project will leave you with artwork that's elegant, edgy, and one-of-a-kind. Of course, how exactly it ends up looking will depend on how you decide to create your customized, budget-friendly piece.

For instance, TikToker @mrkate's take on aluminum foil art involves just two steps: crumpling pieces of foil and adhering the foil to canvas. They then stretch the canvas over a wooden frame to create an eye-catching, reflective centerpiece for one of their bedroom walls. There are no added colors or DIY embossing, though these are examples of what you can do with your own project.

You can put your own twist on aluminum foil art

This budget-friendly aluminum foil art hack is so easy and produces such a unique DIY piece, that it shouldn't surprise you to find many on TikTok are giving it a try — and sharing their final results. Another TikToker, @diydecorwithcg, for example, decided to add some color to their piece, along with some different texture.

They start with a cardboard base and, similar to @mrkate, crumple up pieces of foil before gluing the foil to the base. The foil is added to the top and bottom of the cardboard, leaving a section in the middle empty. Next, @diydecorwithcg spray paints everything white, then adds a layer of Mod Podge to the middle section before putting down some gold leaf. Faux crystal gems are then added to the middle section before more gold leaf is applied. This is where @diydecorwithcg leaves the piece before putting it up on the wall.

Both @mrkate and @diydecorwithcg offer two different approaches to aluminum foil art, and the takeaway is that you can really go in any direction when it comes to this type of crafting. All you need is some heavy-duty aluminum foil, along with a structured base to work on, and your creativity to go along with your style. As mentioned earlier, you could also try embossing your foil, which involves adding a raised design to your base (e.g., using pipe cleaners to create an outline or adding something solid like @diydecorwithcg did with the jewels), and then covering it with foil.