25 Places To Buy Incredibly Affordable Art For Your Home

If you want to add some eye-catching art to your home and need to set a budget in order to do so, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, art comes in a wide variety of mediums, techniques, sizes, and styles. All of these factors, as well as others, can affect how much a piece will cost, according to The Washington Post. Beyond that, the experience, skill, and popularity of an artist can alter the value of their work. That's why some pieces will cost thousands and even millions of dollars while others will only cost you a few hundred or even less. Indeed, you don't have to spend a fortune to adorn your home with the perfect works of art. You might be surprised by how little you can spend if you know where to look.

"It's easy to fall into the trap of ... thinking that taste equals the amount you spend or where you bought it," Colleen Cash, a senior vice president at Artnet, explained to The Washinton Post. Indeed, there are quite a few places where you can buy art that might not be the top galleries in the art scene or most notable auction houses in the creative world but can still offer you high-quality options that are seemingly endless and fabulously budget-friendly. Check out the following places where you can buy incredibly affordable art for your home.

1. Independent artists' websites

Many artists have their own websites where you can find their art for sale. Not only can you sometimes get a great deal by going directly to the creative source, but the artist likely gets to keep a larger amount (if not all) of the money, which will surely help them out.

2. Thrift stores

If you love tracking down great deals at thrift stores, you might want to check out the available art the next time you visit your favorite secondhand shop. Not only can you find pieces for wildly low prices, but some lucky folks have unknowingly picked up items worth much more than they expected, according to Mental Floss.

3. Garage sales

Garage sale season is a great time to snag art that is a fraction of the price that it would be elsewhere. To find the best pieces, you'll want to head out early to hunt through the treasures before others can. You also don't want to be afraid to look through boxes and stacks of art.

4. Local art festivals

Check out the community events calendar in your area or places that you're visiting to find out when art festivals are taking place. A fabulous way to connect with new and local creative professionals, you can pick up affordable pieces that might one day be worth a fortune if the artist becomes established and well-known.

5. Galleries and museums

If you love the work that hangs in galleries and museums, then we have great news for you. Smaller art galleries usually sell the pieces on their walls on behalf of the artists. As for larger institutions, they tend to have gift shops where you can buy reasonably priced prints and replications.

6. Etsy

Etsy is a place where you can find all kinds of items that have been crafted by hand, including various kinds of art from makers all over the world. Find prints, paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, glass art, fiber arts, and even miniatures. While you might occasionally find a pricey item, much of the work is super-affordable.

7. Society6

Society6 is a website that allows artists to upload their designs and sell them on various products. It also allows you to purchase those artistic designs on everything from furniture to clothing, as well as a wide selection of wall art in the form of framed prints, canvas prints, posters, metal pieces, wood works, tapestries, and more.

8. Zazzle

Much like Soceity6, Zazzle allows artists to sell work while taking care of the orders, production, and shipping. Scroll through the pieces, and you'll find art that suits your style, thanks to the fact that you'll come across minimalist options, mid-century modern, art deco, and boho-chic options. That's not to mention abstract, retro, and pop culture-inspired pieces.

9. Eyes On Walls

Head over to Eyes On Walls to find the various artists that are a part of their international collective. Focusing on what the brand describes as an urban aesthetic, you can find prints like "The Astronomer" by Charlie Bowater, "Flower Child" by Hikari Shimoda, and "Emilia" by Sofia Bonati, all at wonderfully affordable prices.

10. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a fabulous resource for items that feature the work of independent artists, including wall hangings that will look incredible in your home and may very well fit your budget. Choose something cute like "floral bouquet tea" by cjldesigns, charming like "Backyard Winter Birds" by garabateo, or quirky like "The Chicken with a Pearl Earring" by vesper_q_designs.

11. 20x200

Offering affordable art since 2007, 20x200 wants you to have a few pieces and the ability to form a full collection if wanted (via 20x200). Promising prints that are as good as you might see in a gallery, you'll be delighted by the quality and quantity of art that's available.

12. Art.com

Art.com claims to offer the largest collection of art which is made up of millions of fairly priced pieces. Their website is also easy to use and allows you to search by trends, subject matter, artists, genres, budget, and more. You can also purchase pre-curated gallery walls that feature collections that have been put together by designers.

13. DeviantArt

Creative people use DeviantArt to share their work with an online community. It also offers artists a chance to sell their work in the website's shop and art lovers a chance to pick up unique pieces. Many images only cost a few dollars and allow you to download a file that you can have printed and framed.

14. Spacey

Spacey aims to help you become an art collector and can do so whether you're interested in original pieces, popular prints, or even NFTs. You can trust the brand to bring you some of the best from emerging artists, which can make your purchase something done both to decorate your home and as a potential investment.

15. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art has a massive collection of work available online. With around 94,000 artists from over 110 countries, there are around 1.4 pieces on the website. Find paintings, sculptures, and other mediums in genres like pop art, surrealism, and more. While the originals can be pricey, the prints are much more affordable.

16. Artfinder

Another online option, Artfinder, is where you can find work from independent artists who specialize in the kinds of art you might expect, like paintings, photography, and sculpture. However, you'll also find artists that work in collage, printmaking, and digital art. Beyond that, you can search by budget, whether that's under $100, under $500, under $1,000, or more.

17. Drool

Drool gives a platform to emerging artists who create work that may, indeed, make you drool. The perfect place to look if you like pieces for your home that are unique, captivating, and incredibly funky — as well as affordable — then you should check out the available prints and posters of paintings, photographs, illustrations, and graphic design.

18. Lumas

While Lumas offers art that's a little pricier than other websites, the pieces you can purchase aren't typical prints. Instead, each item is a limited edition, making their prices impressively affordable. They are also high-quality fine art prints that you can get in large sizes, although you'll need a more generous budget for the bigger ones.

19. 1stDibs

Along with furniture, décor, and other enviable items, you can find a variety of art on 1stDibs. While some of the pieces appear to cost a little more, the website, which has been around since 2000, acts like an auction house, meaning you can bid on what you like and attempt to keep it within your modest budget.

20. Minted

Minted features work that has been selected through a crowdsourced competition that aims to ensure the best pieces from emerging artists are represented and available at decent prices. While you can opt for everything from fine art to mixed media, there's also a kids' art section that will help parents find creative décor for their little one's space.

21. Inprnt

Some of the art found on Inprnt is adorable, while other pieces are intriguing, alluring, and even daring. Around since 2006, Inprnt works with a group of artists that not only sell their art on the website, but the members also select who joins in the future. This way, they ensure they offer a unique, cohesive, yet diverse collection.

22. Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is run by married duo Nathan and Anna Bond. The latter is a former freelance illustrator who is responsible for the art available from their brand. Along with stationary and décor as well as things like puzzles and fabric, they offer Anna's lovely handpainted pieces as fairly priced wall art for your home.

23. Artsy

It's hard to imagine not finding something — or many things — that you absolutely love on Artsy. Want a piece by Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, or Takashi Murakami? No problem! An online marketplace that can connect you with a staggering number of both emerging and established artists, you can definitely find deals if you search within your means.

24. Knot & Soul

Knot & Soul has only been around since March 2020, when two families teamed up to form a creative company. Based out of North Carolina, the goal is to offer prints at reasonable prices. That's why you won't have to pay a lot for art by Matisse, O'Keeffe, Basquiat, Kandinsky, Klimt, and many more notable names.

25. Ikea

The next time you stop by Ikea to pick up a Linanäs or Kallax, then you might also want to check out things that are tagged Knoppäng, Pjätteryd, and Kängsleboda just to name a few. You'll find these options in their selection of affordable wall art that features popular pieces that won't bust your budget.