The Dollar Store Storage Hack That's Perfect For Hanging Pots And Pans In A Tiny Kitchen

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Although a tiny kitchen offers a cozy feel and is infinitely easier to clean, it also has its drawbacks, especially if you love to cook. One issue is limited storage for your pots and pans. But thanks to a genius TikTok hack, you can store all your cookware and bakeware with nothing more than an over-the-door hanger from the Dollar Tree. The best part about this hack is that you'll save space while having easy access to kitchenware. This means no more rooting around in cabinets in search of the perfect sauté pan. But this helpful trick does a lot more than save space. It also preserves the integrity of your cookware and bakeware. 

For example, if you have limited space, it may be tempting to store pots and pans in the oven. However, this can cause issues, especially if you use items with nonstick surfaces. Plus, you'll use up precious counterspace when your oven is in use, making it hard to prepare your meals. But thanks to this TikTok hack, you can instantly add storage to any small space. 

Purchase an over-the-door hook hanger

According to @lotus1154, you just need access to a Dollar Tree. You'll want to purchase an over-the-door 6-hook hanger. If you don't have a local Dollar Tree, you can find one of these for an affordable price on Amazon. All you need to organize your tiny kitchen is a door, which means you can use a pantry or cabinet door to help with saving space. Simply slip on your over-the-door hook and arrange your pots and pans (lids, too!). And if you have a large assortment of cookware, you can use several hangers to complete this trick. 

Keep in mind that this small kitchen hack won't work for ceramic cookware, as you run the risk of pots clanging together and cracking. However, you can use this trick for so much more than just cookware. You can also hang spatulas and other cooking utensils from hooks, freeing up drawer space — something that we never have enough of, especially in a tiny kitchen. You could even use these hooks to store hand towels in any small kitchen, or add a touch of whimsy and hang some potted herbs.