TikTok Warns To Avoid One Common Mistake When Making A Bed With Patterned Sheets

Everyone likes things done differently, and one of the most common things that people put their own spin on is making the bed. You may think it's down to personal preference, but it turns out that there is a right way to make your bed, and it involves putting your patterned top sheet on upside down. It may sound a bit weird at first, but the logic of this method is that you'll then see the print of the sheet when the duvet is folded back rather than it being hidden as it would be if the pattern faced up.

The general idea of using a top sheet is that it allows you to routinely wash your sheets instead of going through the rigamarole of washing your heavier items like duvets and throws. Not only are top sheets convenient, but they can also be helpful in varying weather conditions, as you can sleep with just a top sheet during hot weather and add extra layers come winter. With all of this in mind, here's why TikTok user @cleansnob is putting forward the argument to flip your top sheet upside down.

This method ensures your bedding is shown off properly

All you need to do to make your bed the correct way (according to this hack) is to see which side of your top sheet features the more vibrant print and then place this side face down instead of up. This technique looks especially good when you fold back the duvet and top sheet so the underside can be seen. This hack also works if the underside has a different texture like satin or velvet. 

If your sheet features a pattern equally on both sides, it doesn't matter how you place it. However, in general, the best way is to ensure the hem of the top sheet is at the head of the bed so the seams are facing you. Depending on how long your sheet is, you may also want to tuck the edges under your mattress for a tighter fit. Whichever way you like to make your bed, the pretty look of a printed sheet folded over your duvet or coverlet cannot be overstated.