Christina Hall Vs Alison Victoria: Here's What House Digest's Readers Had To Say

There's no denying that Christina Hall and Alison Victoria are both incredible designers. It's no surprise, then, when asked whose aesthetic they preferred, a number of House Digest readers pointed out that they couldn't choose between the two. Also unsurprising? When it came to a clear, undisputed winner amongst those who did decide on a designer — well, there wasn't one. 

In September 2023, we took to Facebook to ask readers whose design style they preferred, between Hall and Victoria. While both are known for their modern aesthetics, these two designers have very different approaches. Hall blends the indoors and outdoors with her designs and tends to skew more on the natural side. Victoria, on the other hand, is known for incorporating uber-glamorous accents into her projects. 

For that reason, several readers wrote that they struggled to choose between the different approaches. Even so, many weighed in based on whose design they felt they'd be more likely to try to replicate in their own homes. Victoria walked away the victor — but let's just say, this was a very close contest. 

Alison won our survey by just two votes

As for House Digest readers and Facebook users, Alison Victoria won by a tiny margin. We're talking just a handful of votes, here. And as for many of the respondents, they were undecided, with many simply saying, "Both!"

So, just what do House Digest readers love about Victoria? Of those picking the star of "Windy City Rehab," some pointed to her elegance as the reason why. One respondent also pointed out that her use of vintage pieces made the designer a winner in their eyes. However, that same penchant for glamorous fittings also counted against her among those who were Team Hall. As one reader who picked the "Christina on the Coast" star wrote, "I could NEVER afford Allison's [sic] extremely expensive (but absolutely GORGEOUS) taste. Therefore Christina is my pick!!!!" 

Aside from that, most readers who picked Hall didn't go into detail as to why she was their go-to. That said, a number of those who selected the longtime HGTV star hinted that there was no contest for them. Hall's natural, yet modern aesthetic might just be more their style. While there may not be a crystal clear winner between Victoria and Hall, the results of our survey certainly reveal one thing. That is, both designers are masters of their craft. Whether glamorous touches or connections to nature are more your speed, the ladies of HGTV have got you covered.