The Common Garden Herb That Works Wonders For Repelling Silverfish

Named so because of their slim, silver-gray appearance, silverfish aren't dangerous to your health but aren't exactly pleasant to live with, either. Thankfully, you can get rid of silverfish without needing to buy heaps of bug-repellent products: simply reach for dried bay leaves instead. The pantry staple will not only add a fragrant, earthy flavor to meals but will also stop the tiny creatures in their tracks before they start to take over your home.

Despite the "fish" in their name, silverfish are actually commonly found in homes. Thanks to their ability to run away quickly and hide in places that are difficult to see into, they are notoriously difficult to fully wipe out. Although they don't pose a health risk, you should take action at the first sight of silverfish so they don't reproduce and become a major problem. All you need to do is stay calm and grab some dried bay leaves so you can say goodbye to these pests once and for all.

Never feel overpowered by silverfish again

You don't need anything other than bay leaves for this hack — just take a handful and scatter them in areas where you have seen the silverfish, as well as dark corners, windowsills, and near any doors. Bay leaves, in particular, work to repel this species because of the oils they contain — the scent drives the insects away. Rather than using chemicals that could be harmful to you and your pets, this method is all-natural, making it a perfect alternative if you don't actually want to kill the creatures but just deter them from entering your home.

A potential downside of this method is that you may need to repeat the process of putting out the bay leaves a fair few times to remove all signs of the silverfish. Additionally, clean-up could be messy depending on how many leaves you use. Nevertheless, its affordability and the ease it takes to carry it out means it's more than worth a try the next time you think you can see signs of silverfish.