Easily Remove Dried Spray Paint With The Help Of WD-40

Dried paint stains are a nightmare to remove. However, WD-40 is here to wake us from the madness. The industrial cleaner eliminates spray paint messes, whether splatter escaped during a craft project or DIY renovation. This trick is another WD-40 hack that makes spray painting easier. It works to correct paint mishaps on surfaces like your car, flooring, clothes, plastic, carpet, and concrete. The time it takes for the industrial cleaner to work depends on what kind of surface is stained. However, no matter what you're removing paint from, all you need is some patience and a bit of elbow grease.

First things first –- safety. It is best to wear gloves when using WD-40. The company's safety data sheet warns about the dangers of prolonged skin contact with the product. If you are using the chemical to tackle a large project, wearing a mask is also a great safety precaution, especially when working indoors. Once you're suited up, the WD-40 does most of the work.

Just spray WD-40 and scrub

To remove the dried spray paint from your solid surfaces like metal, plastic, or glass, you need WD-40 and a cloth or paper towel. Spritz the lubricant onto the paint stain, let it sit for up to a minute, and then scrub with the cloth. The degreasing power of WD-40 will lift the pigment without damaging the surface. For rougher exteriors, like concrete, a hard-bristle brush is better suited to remove the dried paint than a paper towel. You'll also want to let the WD-40 sit longer, about 5 to 10 minutes, before scrubbing.

If the dried paint marks are on your clothes or fabric, WD-40 can help. However, the industrial cleaner only works to remove oil-based stains from such materials. You'll need a sponge, microfiber cloth, dish soap, and warm water along with the spray. Apply WD-40 to the entire paint stain, blot with the sponge, and then use a cloth to wipe the area. For thicker fibers, like carpet, let the WD-40 soak in for 20 to 30 minutes before scrubbing with a cloth. Spray more lubricant and repeat the process if the stain persists. Once the paint is gone, clean the fabric with dish soap and rinse with warm water. Now, go forth and use WD-40 to stay mess-free when painting.