Use This Trick To Prevent Cooking Spray From Dirtying Your Kitchen Countertops

Cooking spray needs to be used for just about everything, whether you're baking a delicious batch of cookies or making a sizzling stir fry, but it's no secret that the greasy residue from the spray somehow gets absolutely everywhere. Instead of spending ages cleaning up this residue only to find remnants hours later, utilize a common household appliance and spray the oil in the direction of your (open) dishwasher instead.

It may sound a bit strange, but by focusing your spray somewhere that isn't your oven or countertops, you're avoiding the inevitable clean-up you'll have to do when the grease settles. No matter how carefully you spray, it's almost impossible to get the spray in just your pan or dish and not on the outskirts, which is where this ingenious trick comes in. If you're having trouble visualizing exactly how to use the dishwasher for this purpose, here's how to carry out the hack for mess-free spraying in the future.

Save your kitchen from pesky grease residue

The next time you start cooking and need to grease an object, simply open the dishwasher, hold your pot, pan, or dish up, and start spraying. You might look a bit odd while doing it, but any rogue drops of oil that don't make it to the dish will land in the dishwasher. This way, when it's time to turn the dishwasher on, all splatters of grease and oil will be whisked away during the cleaning cycle. One thing to note about this hack is that if the leftover cooking spray isn't completely cleared during the cycle, it could end up leaving your dishwasher with the residue normally seen on your countertops. 

This could then lead to the grease transferring onto your dishes and leaving a film. To avoid this, clean your dishwasher regularly and ensure it reaches a temperature of approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit each time you put it on. Due to its simplicity and the fact it doesn't require anything other than a common household appliance, we think this hack will transform how you use cooking spray from now on.