The Popular Scent You Need To Keep Stink Bugs Out Of Your Home

No one likes to see unwanted pests invading their home, but it's even worse if they stink. If you've started to find stink bugs crawling around, odds are you're dying to get rid of them. Stink bugs are known to become a problem since they seek the warmth and comfort of a home, which is why they find their way into any and every opening. But think again before you smash them with a shoe or flyswatter (the smell won't be pleasant). Instead, place the scent of lavender or other essential oils around the infected area.

It's ironic to think stink bugs would be repulsed by scents that smell good, but it certainly seems to work. The good news is that while you're getting rid of the bugs, you're freshening your home at the same time. Incorporating these scents within your space is easy and an affordable measure to take – no need to call the exterminator just yet!

Why stink bugs hate these scents

You'll notice that bugs such as flies are attracted to things in your home that stink (think garbage disposals and garbage cans). Stink bugs work differently. Apart from the warmth and shelter your home provides, these bugs are attracted to light as well, similar to moths. Though stink bugs are attracted to different things than some other bugs, they're repelled by many of the same scents. Essential oils and lavender both produce strong aromas these bugs despise and will flee from. Better yet, once you get rid of the existing bugs, they no longer come back as long as the scent is still there.

Other than lavender, scents like clove and lemongrass oil do the trick too. Stink bugs are repelled by these scents due to their strong potency. Both clove and lemongrass oil have notes of acidity and spice that are too strong for stink bugs and encourage them to seek shelter elsewhere.

How to add lavender and essential oils to your home

Adding these scents to your home is simple to implement -– and our favorite -– affordable. Not only can you find candles with lavender and similar scents, but oil diffusers are budget-friendly for spritzing clove or lemongrass oil. You can find many candles or oil diffusers at your local store. While these are popular options for freshening your home and shooing away these unwanted house guests, another option that works just as well is real plants.

Instead of a candle or simulated fragrance, opt for the real deal by placing lavender, mint, catnip, or citronella grass around your home to keep the stink bugs at bay. Not only does this add the scents to your home for a fresh smell, but it adds life to your space that decorates at the same time. You can even consider making your own essential oil spray by harvesting the leaves and flowers of your plants and combining water, dish soap, and lavender oil in a spray bottle. 

To let these fragrances or plants go to work, place your repellent of choice in the problem area and a few other rooms of the home. Before this, however, go around and inspect any cracks or gaps at your home's entrances that might be the cause for letting the bugs come inside in the first place. If you notice cracks, seal it with some caulk from your nearest hardware store.