TikTok Taught Us A Quick Hack To Check If Your Floors Are Really Clean Or Not

Everyone's cleaning day consists of some of the same tasks like sweeping, dusting, and wiping down the counters. You might swap a few activities for others, but they all get done. One task that's guaranteed to be on everyone's cleaning list is mopping the floors around the house. If your home has high levels of foot traffic, your space probably gets filthy throughout the day, since folks are constantly going in and out. While mopping helps remove dirt and other stains, it doesn't always thoroughly clean your floors. Because of this, TikTok has an easy and inexpensive trick you can follow to check if your surfaces are actually clean. All you'll do is wipe down an area that has already been mopped with a white microfiber cloth. If the cloth doesn't change color, your floors are spotless, but if it's dirty, you'll need to mop again. 

It's best to keep your floors clean to prevent suffering the negative side effects dirty surfaces could cause. For example, germs and bacteria are quick to invade dirty floors. This could cause little kids who still crawl to become sick. They're invisible to the naked eye, but bacteria quickly multiply, especially if the floors aren't cleaned. Dirty floors can also attract unwanted pests if food stays stuck to the surfaces or too many items are piled around the room. After mopping, check to see if your floors are really clean with this simple hack.

Put your floors to the test with a damp cloth

TikTok user @cleanthatup shows his followers how to check if the floors are spotless by using a white microfiber towel that's dampened with clean water. You'll want to use a brand-new towel or a perfectly clean one, as this will allow you to notice if there's a difference. After you finish mopping the floors, let them dry. Then, take your towel and scrub a small area. Check the towel to see if it's clean or dirty; a dirty towel will require another wipe-down. However, scrub a few different areas to triple-check that the floor is clean and to get the best use out of this hack. Even though one spot may come up clean, it doesn't mean the entire surface is spotless. If you find areas that are still dirty, you can spot-clean them instead of mopping the whole floor again.

There's another trick you could try when you don't have a microfiber cloth on hand, and it involves paying attention to how the floor dries. Poorly-mopped floors will dry with streaks if there's debris or residue left over. Taking the extra step of washing your mop with fresh water after using it and letting it dry completely before returning it to the laundry room or garage will make cleaning more manageable in the future. This will prevent you from wiping down an area with a dirty mop, which would create a bigger mess.