Why You Should Start Leaving Coffee Grounds In Your Closet

Occasionally, you may notice that your closet has a smell that can only be described as musty. This scent often comes from an overabundance of moisture in your closet, and it usually means your closet isn't ventilated properly or the space is particularly humid. If left untreated, this mustiness can transfer to your clothes. Don't start panicking, though — there's an easy way to stop that musty smell from seeping into your precious sweaters, and it only requires coffee grounds. 

Not just for making that first delicious cup that wakes you up in the morning, coffee grounds will act as a deodorizer in your closet and clear any unpleasant smells. As well as mustiness, clothes that haven't been dried properly or sweaty items can also create bad smells in your closet. Other methods like dehumidifiers are a good thing to invest in, but if your closet already has that telltale smell, it won't really do much to get rid of it. Plus, you probably already have coffee grounds in your home, meaning you can get started right away to keep your closet smelling fresh.

Never wrinkle your nose at your closet's odd smell again

This unexpected use for coffee grounds is extremely simple to carry out. Gather ground coffee beans and a cheesecloth sachet or brew bag before adding a few generous scoops of beans into the bag or sachet. Then, all you have to do is hang up the filled bag in your closet. For easier hanging, utilize a hanger or a hook — on either side of your closet. Leave the bag for a few days to work its magic, and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes to your closet.

Speaking of closets, you can also use this trick to get any unpleasant smells out of your shoes. Shoes could actually be the culprit for your closet smelling less than fresh, but they are often forgotten. However, with just a few handfuls of coffee grounds and a bag, you can hang up your clothes, shoes, and bags will be saved from absorbing any musty, sweaty, or damp smells.