Martha Stewart's Spooky Wreath That You Can DIY This Halloween Season

There's a great wide world of creepy-cute Halloween decor out there beyond the usual orange and black, and it ranges from high-brow to gloriously tacky. If you're crafty and want to create a spooky wreath that truly stands out, domestic goddess Martha Stewart can be counted on as a source for a reliably elegant look. We can't wait to make our own version of her spook-a-licious Halloween wreath made from deer moss and an army of adorable but slightly scary glittering spiders.

In case you're not familiar with the prime ingredient, deer moss (also known as reindeer moss, reindeer lichen, or Cladonia rangiferina) is technically a lichen that grows on the soil as a rootless ground cover. It's beloved by reindeer who like to eat this carb-rich snack and is naturally a pale grayish green color, though it's frequently dyed emerald green, chartreuse, and other colors. Its sponge-like clumpy texture makes it easy to handle and gives the wreath a natural, organic appearance. It's even upscale-looking enough to decorate your living room for a Halloween-adjacent dinner party.

How to make Martha's spooky wreath

After ordering deer moss online from a site like Moss Acres or purchasing it at a local craft store, gather together a foam wreath or two. This Green FloraFoM Wreath from Joann is pretty close to what Martha uses in this DIY hack. You'll also need several small and a couple of huge plastic spiders, Elmer's or a similar brand of glue, black glitter, and a hot glue gun. Make sure to have a couple of toothpicks on hand to secure the moss in a few spots. 

To start, Martha's guidance is to "squiggle some hot glue" onto the foam wreath, then you "just apply the moss right to the glue." If the wreath has a flat back and you intend to hang it against a surface, you don't need to apply moss to the back but simply cover whatever's visible on the front and sides. Then, allow the moss and glue to set completely for a full 12 hours before moving on.

Next, spread Elmer's glue over the entire surface of a spider, then dunk the whole thing in black glitter, repeating for each spider, and allow them to dry thoroughly. Your last step is to glue gun the spiders artfully around your wreath. Then, show off your DIY handiwork by hanging your fun fall wreath anywhere you want to add spooky charm.