40 Creepy-Cute Halloween Decor Ideas That Aren't Just Black And Orange

If you had to pick two colors to represent Halloween, which ones would you choose? If you're anything like most people, black and orange are probably the strongest contenders. According to Board & Brush, these are traditional Halloween shades because black represents the night, shadows, and all things spooky, while orange reminds people of autumn, falling leaves, and pumpkins.

However, while some love these colors, others may not be huge fans of orange and black. If this is the case for you, you'll need to think outside the box to find or create decorations that showcase other colors.

If you need some inspiration, below are 40 Halloween decorations that aren't just black and orange. Some of the pieces are more cute and kid-friendly, while others are a bit more frightening. Additionally, there are some ideas that those who love a more minimalist and classy decorative approach would really enjoy.

1. Painted pumpkins

A great way to change up the look of orange pumpkins is by painting them. To give them a traditional Halloween look, you could add the faces of creatures like ghosts and vampires. 

2. White ghosts

Create small ghosts out of white tissues to give your space a haunted feel. This would allow you to showcase the fun of Halloween without using orange. 

3. Cute scarecrow

Additionally, scarecrows are fun autumn decorations that don't have to use the traditional colors. To stay away from orange and black, give your scarecrow a blue plaid shirt. 

4. White pumpkin centerpiece

If you love classy decorations, you could choose to adorn your table with small white pumpkins and greenery for Halloween. 

5. Vibrant mums

Mums are a great way to bring some vibrant color to your home. They come in a number of bright shades, like pink, purple, and yellow. 

6. Frankenstein-themed desserts

To keep orange and black out of your Halloween desserts, you could focus on a green Frankenstein theme. 

7. Muted pumpkins

For a muted autumn setup, choose pumpkins that aren't bright orange, like the ones above. Pumpkins can come in shades like white, tan, green, and blue. 

8. White mummy

Another creature to focus on when decorating for Halloween this year is a mummy. You could create cute mummy decorations out of eye cutouts and gauze. 

9. Neon pumpkins

If you want your home's decorations to really stand out, try painting your pumpkins neon colors like the pink shades above. 

10. Metallic pumpkins

Or, you could paint your pumpkins gorgeous teal, blue, and gold shades to make your Halloween more glamorous. 

11. Pink spider webs

One way to draw lots of attention to your home's Halloween display is by using fake bright pink spider webs. 

12. Pink skull

Here's an example of how Halloween decorations don't have to fit the typical mold. Paint a skull with your favorite color and surround it with florals. 

13. Classic skulls

Or, if you want to take a more common route, you could use a traditional fake skull decoration in your Halloween display. 

14. Red-nosed clowns

Clowns typically showcase red and white instead of orange and black. Try creating a cute clown display, like the one above, or make it extra creepy instead. 

15. Gray tombstones

Creating a fake graveyard in your front yard with gray tombstones and hands will give your home a spooky look without using the traditional colors. 

16. Colorful bouquet

To cast a glamorous spell over Halloween, use a metallic-painted pumpkin as a vase and create floral bouquets using pretty pink and red shades.  

17. Purple cat cake

Another baked good you could make is a cute purple cat cake. This will remind people of a black cat (known for bringing bad luck) without actually using the color black. 

18. Warm lights

To cast a warm and colorful glow over your Halloween home display, you could utilize purple and pink spotlights. 

19. Golden candlesticks

Lighting tall candles on ancient-looking golden candlesticks and turning the lights off will give your space a spookier vibe. 

20. Red and yellow wreath

You could create an autumn wreath for your front door by using mostly red and yellow elements. 

21. Neutral display

To create a neutral Halloween display, use white pumpkins, wooden lanterns, and twinkle lights. You could also spray paint orange leaves a fun gold color. 

22. Yellow caution tape

Another item that's typically used during Halloween is yellow caution tape. Make your home look like a scary crime scene with this simple decorative item. 

23. Pumpkin welcome sign

If you want a fun Halloween craft to complete, paint pumpkins and stack them. You could also easily make this into a welcome sign, like the one above. 

24. Sunflower display

Another way to bring the season into your home is by using sunflowers, brown leaves, and pine cones to create a decorative table display. 

25. Blood red sign

While orange and black are typically used to create Happy Halloween signs, choose to use red, which would remind the viewer of blood from a frightening crime scene. 

26. Pastel pink details

Those who love pastel pink could add pink jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, and gourds to their cute Halloween display. 

27. Neutral pillows

If you want your decorations to make your home feel cozier, choose to add neutral pumpkin pillows. Brown bedding will also provide an earthy autumn feel. 

28. Spells and potions

If you love witches, incorporate decorative pieces that look like spellbooks and potions. These are typically in brown or rust shades. 

29. Golden bats

You could also spray paint your black bat decorations a bright gold color, which would make them stand out in the inky darkness of the night. 

30. Dripping red candles

White candles with red dripping wax will remind the viewer of blood. This could easily be created by adding food coloring to your candles. 

31. White jack-o-lanterns

Instead of choosing traditional orange jack-o-lantern decorations, purchase ones that are white or light peach color. 

32. Translucent skull

Translucent decorations can also look extra unique, like the skull candle holder above. If you hate using brightly colored decorations, this may be a great option for you. 

33. Cork bat art piece

A unique DIY you could try is creating a bat out of lots of corks. Glue the corks together with hot glue, then hang them on the wall. 

34. Cozy gray

When creating a Happy Halloween sign, you don't have to use orange. Instead, use a cozy gray background. 

35. Dried florals and candles

Tan or dried florals and candles could be used to create a decorative display that's earthy and mystical. 

36. Green jack-o-lanterns

If placed on either side of your walkway, green jack-o-lanterns could be used to welcome your guests to your home. 

37. White spider webs

Fake white spider webs are typically used to make front porches and landscaping appear spookier. To add more interest, include a bright purple spider. 

38. Pastel pumpkins

To create some extra adorable pumpkins, you could paint them pastel pink and blue shades and add large googly eyes. 

39. Painted gourds

Or, get creative with some gourds. Adding gems, glitter, and gold flakes will make this project extra fun. 

40. Purple inscription

To make your fake graveyard really stand out, trace the inscription on the tombstones with purple or other colored paint.