Why You May Want To Reconsider Going For The Puddled Curtain Look In Your Home

If you're not familiar with puddled curtains, they're a type of curtain that pool on the floor deliberately for a chic and refined look, hence the name. A small puddle is typically about an inch on the floor, whereas a larger, more obvious puddle could go up to four inches and an elaborate puddled effect up to eight inches. However, although they look nice, they do have some potential downsides that mean they may not be the perfect curtains for your space.

Firstly, the specific style. Puddled curtains create drama in a room, so they're best for formal spaces like a dining room. If you don't have a space like this, a sweeping curtain may look at odds in a more casual setting such as a kitchen or living room, especially if your overall decor style is modern.  Moreover, because of the fact they touch the floor, puddled curtains will suit low-traffic areas of your home — keep them away from areas that are used everyday as they will pick up dust and various debris very quickly.

The curtain style is pretty but not the most practical

As well as the dust and dirt puddled curtains will naturally accumulate, you should consider household factors, too. If you live with pets or own small children, it's likely they will jump on and try to play with a longer curtain, particularly cats and dogs. This makes them a high maintenance item, not to mention that they are also often expensive depending on the fabric you choose. If you want your drapes to stay in place, velvet is a good fabric choice, whereas linen and cotton will give your curtains extra movement. Usually, the heavier the fabric, the pricier the curtains.

Overall, if you do have your heart set on puddled curtains, place them in a room that isn't used as much or perhaps tie them up if you are having children or pets to visit. This way, you can still have the style most of the time while protecting the curtains from the inevitable build-up of everyday dust. This curtain style is a great way to bring something extra to a room, but it's important that you think about the factors above before making a curtain mistake you regret.