Why Shaving Cream Is Perfect For Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Shaving cream isn't just for hair removal. If that's the only way you use the cosmetic, you're missing out on the lubricant's full hack potential. You can use shaving cream to remove grease stains, bring suede shoes back to life, and even clean your washing machine. For washing machines, you can it use to eliminate debris, water stains, odor, and bacteria from both the exterior and interior of the appliance.

Unlike many household cleaners, shaving cream doesn't contain harsh chemicals. It's made with ingredients like water, stearic acid (which is also found in soap bars), and emulsifiers. Plus, this foam is inexpensive, easily accessible, and gentle on surfaces (we use it on skin after all). However, you'll need to ensure shaving cream or foam is what you're bringing into the laundry room and not shaving gel. While gel is ideal for hairy legs, it doesn't do well to clean your house; it has a thicker and stickier consistency that simply ends up making a mess.

Shaving cream polishes and kills germs

For this hack, all you need is a can of shaving cream and a microfiber cloth. To clean the exterior of your washing machine, simply spray the shaving cream (or foam) onto the surface and wipe it away with your cloth. Alternatively, you could apply the cream cosmetic to your cloth first and then wipe down the appliance with it. No matter your method, the shaving cream's formula will remove lint and dirt from your washer, shine the glass, and polish the metal. Further, since alcohol is an active ingredient in shaving cream, this hack will help kill bacteria on the appliance as well.

To clean the inside of your washer, coat the drum in the shaving cream (foam), then let the product sit for about an hour before running a normal cycle with hot water. Once the cycle is complete, keep the door open for the inside to air dry. The shaving cream will leave a fresh scent behind and a spotless appliance.