This Simple Method Makes Removing Unsightly Smudge Marks From Glass Easier Than Ever

Cleaning glass can be one of the most frustrating tasks to carry out due to the streaks and smears that are often left behind, no matter how much you wipe. Over time, this can lead to items looking dirty and uncared for. However, there is a method of cleaning glass furniture that will leave you with a streak-free shine, and only two things are required – water and a microfiber cloth. Yes, that is really all you need, no fancy sprays or equipment, just two simple items that you probably already own.

Often, people are put off from buying glass furniture because of the higher level of maintenance. Your glass coffee table may look beautiful when it's box fresh, but less so as smudges start building up on it. Trying to wipe away smears and smudges can often make them worse, but this cleaning method means you can get that gorgeous item made of glass without worrying about how to keep it looking crystal clear.

Streaks can be annoying, but this method prevents them from happening

The next time your glass furniture or windows are looking a little dusty, grab a microfiber cloth and a small bowl of water. Simply dip the cloth into the water, wipe, and then dry once the section has been cleaned. You can use another microfiber cloth or a dry section of the one you're already cleaning with to do this. Make sure to change the water if it becomes dirty. If you want a gleaming finish, you can follow up with a small amount of glass cleaner and once again wipe with the microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloths work better than regular cloths and are guaranteed to remove streaks from glass, unlike paper towels or a cloth with a rougher texture. Even better, microfiber cloths are reusable, so you're also doing your bit for the planet by ditching the paper towels. We recommend buying a handful specifically for this purpose to avoid other liquids being transferred onto the glass.