How To Naturally Deter Skunks With Mint

Our lawns and gardens see many different critters come and go, stealing our fruits and vegetables and burrowing into our soil. At first glance, you may think some rabbits or raccoons cause this damage, but it could very likely be caused by skunks as well. These striped animals, known for releasing a powerful odor when they feel threatened, are among the many creatures that infiltrate our yards. Fortunately, there are ways to humanly deter these critters without using harmful chemicals or expensive traps. With skunks finding the smell of peppermint repugnant, deploying this herb in your yard helps keep them from entering your property if planted in suitable locations.

You can identify that you're dealing with skunks based on the many holes they dig while looking for food. They also leave their trademark scent behind, even if they don't spray. Aside from causing trouble by eating our gardens and digging up our lawns, skunks also carry diseases that we certainly don't want our children or pets to be exposed to. By applying the natural and easy-to-grow herb to your yard, you'll be sending any nearby skunks packing.

How to use peppermint to repel skunks

While peppermint offers a pleasant smell that awakens and refreshes our senses, skunks vehemently disagree. The intense fragrance irritates their sinuses and will deter them from hiding out on your property. You can take advantage of their dislike for mint in a few different ways. For instance, you can grow peppermint plants along the borders of your home, garden, or yard, creating a barrier to keep them out. Another way to use the herb is in the form of an oil, applying it to cotton pads and scattering those where needed or mixing it with water and creating a spray.

It is important to always dilute the mint oil with water when applying it around the yard, as too much of it can harm our plants. It's also considered toxic when ingested by our beloved pets (via GreatPetCare). Thankfully, a diluted solution should still be adequately pungent to scare off skunks. And, it is not just skunks that peppermint will help eliminate; other rodents like squirrels and raccoons will also avoid areas carrying the smell. If you're dealing with a large infestation, you can pair mint with other fragrances that skunks hate, such as citrus, cinnamon, and vinegar. However, if you're short on time or resources to make these remedies at home, there are natural repellents you can buy that use peppermint as a main ingredient in their formulas.