Exposing The Dangers Of This TikTok Fabuloso Home Hack

Fabuloso cleaning products hold a lot of memories for those who grew up with them as a staple in their home. Their various scents are famous for overpowering virtually any other smell in the air and have become associated with cleanliness and freshness. While it is a trusted cleaner, Fabuloso has been used in many hacks around the house that may seem harmless but are actually unsafe. One of these hacks involves boiling it on the stove to release the scent.

Fabuloso has long evolved from being a simple household cleaning product and is widely used all over the house to maintain its scent. In addition to being a chemical potpourri, some people have mixed with other products, poured into plug-in air fresheners, kept in the toilet tank to drip out after a flush, and used on clothes and dishes. All these home hacks, however, are usually ineffective and can be hazardous to your health.

Stop boiling Fabuloso on the stove

The common misconception is that boiling Fabuloso will release its scent and allow it to linger due to the heat. However, this practice is not safe or recommended because the product contains chemicals that, when heated, can release harmful fumes into the air. It is unhealthy to inhale and unsafe to have in such close proximity to your stove. It can get on your pots, utensils, or into your food, or worse — be mistaken for something edible if left unsupervised.

Fabuloso actually addresses this on their website. "Fabuloso® products should not be heated. Our products are meant to be used only for household cleaning purposes and they are safe when used as directed" (via Fabuloso). Like any cleaning product, Fabuloso should always be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Find safer ways to freshen up your home like with candles or air fresheners. You can even go old-school by boiling a mix of herbs and spices instead.