Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Vinyl Floors?

Did you decide whether vinyl plank flooring is right for your space? If yes, you might be in love with how gorgeous it looks. But you might not love how easily it can get stained. And you can't just go and throw any old household cleaner on that stain — you have to make sure you're using a cleaner that won't damage your vinyl floors. Otherwise, you could end up with floors that are scratched, lose their shine or protective layer, or have an icky film on them. Thankfully, what you need to clean your vinyl floors is probably already in your home: Hydrogen peroxide will disinfect your floors and uphold their shine. 

Cleaning your floors is one of the many surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide in your home. The common household item has some serious germ-fighting power against viruses, fungi, and bacteria, and it's just as good at lifting stains off your floors. What's even better is that despite its stellar disinfectant and stain-removing ability, hydrogen peroxide is still gentle enough to not harm the surface of your vinyl flooring. 

How to clean your vinyl floors with hydrogen peroxide

When cleaning vinyl floors with hydrogen peroxide, you'll want to use a medical-grade 3% strength mixture, which is 3% peroxide and 97% water. This will be strong enough to disinfect without being potentially harmful while you're handling it. Still, it is best to use hydrogen peroxide in a ventilated area with gloves. 

First, test your hydrogen peroxide in a small, inconspicuous area of your floor to make sure it doesn't discolor your specific type of flooring. If it doesn't have any negative effects, you can proceed. When trying to remove a stain from your vinyl floor, pour some hydrogen peroxide directly onto the affected area. Use a rag to help you rub the hydrogen peroxide into the stain, and repeat this process until the stain is removed.

If you're looking to clean your entire floor, pour equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide into a bucket. Dampen your mop with the solution and use it to clean your floors. Just make sure your floors aren't getting too wet, as this could warp your vinyl planks. Let the solution stay on your floors for at least five minutes to make sure it kills all of the bacteria. After that, dry your floors thoroughly with a towel, fan, or by letting them air dry.