The Easiest Way To Fix An Entry Door Air Leak, According To TikTok

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As reported by, if you reduce drafts inside your house, your energy savings can range between 5% and 30% in a single year. If you have an entry door with an air leak, you want to seal up any gaps as soon as possible. According to a helpful TikTok hack, correcting this type of leak is as simple as replacing your door's weather stripping. This easy DIY fix is fast and affordable, and can work to keep your house comfortable all year long. 

Aside from the financial benefits of reduced energy bills, there are several other reasons why you should carry out this hack. For starters, a drafty front door may mean higher than normal indoor noise levels. This is especially true if you live in a busy neighborhood. Besides that, you may find that a leaky front door causes your house to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but something as simple as new weather stripping can save the day. You can find weather stripping on Amazon for less than $12, making this TikTok trick an affordable way of sealing off unwanted door drafts. 

Fix a door leak with new weather stripping

According to @royce_renovations, this easy hack is as simple as removing your old weather stripping. But how do you know your old weather stripping is the culprit of your door's air leak? Well, for starters, you may see sunlight filtering through your door jambs. You may also notice that your existing weather stripping is matted in places, allowing air, light, and noise to filter through. Once you remove your current weather stripping, it should be as manageable as pushing a new piece of weather stripping into your door's existing groove. This groove is located inside your door's casing. 

If you have an older door without a groove for weather stripping, you may need to rely on the product's adhesive backing. Additionally, be sure to measure your door before purchasing your new weather stripping. Don't worry about any fancy tools — weather stripping is made of rubber and vinyl and can easily be cut with a good pair of scissors. Once your weather stripping is securely in place, you should notice an instant draft reduction and see less — if any — sunlight filtering in around your front door. If you're unsure of what size weather stripping to get, all you need to do is measure the size of your door's gap. You can also measure your existing weather stripping.