The Easiest Way To Get Stubborn Berry Stains Out Of Clothing

No matter how hard you try, berry stains are bound to happen. Whether your kid got absolutely messy devouring berries in the garden, or you got a blue splatter while making your famous blueberry pie, the splotches will mar your clothes from time to time. And for many people, that can be an absolute pain because berry stains are notoriously hard to remove. Luckily, all you need is some hot water to nix them. 

If you don't have a stain removal spray or stick handy, laundering a berry stain can seem pretty difficult. And it's easy to see why — berries have been used as natural dyes for centuries. However, you can help remove them from your fabric by dousing them with boiling water before popping them into the laundry machine. That's great news, considering most people have hot water readily available in their homes — all you need is a kettle or pot of water to try the hack yourself. Here's how to pull it off, even if you're working with the most pigmented and stubborn of berry stains.

How to use boiling water to remove berry stains

First thing is first: This trick works best for freshly made stains. If you add boiling water to the stain within 30 minutes of getting splattered, you have a high chance of removing it. You can technically wait a full day before removing it, but any longer than 24 hours risks letting the stain set into the fibers, making it extremely difficult to treat. So the faster you act, the easier your chore will be. Once you have the piece of clothing off, put it in your bathtub and prepare hot water using a stove kettle, electric kettle, or simply a pot. Then, positioning your body away from any potential back splatter, pour the water from chest height down onto the stain. This is important because the higher the stream is, the more forcefully it will hit the berry mark, removing it from the item's fibers. However, first check if you can launder the item in hot water so as not to accidentally ruin it.

If you don't have a bathtub, you can also try doing this in a sink or over a bowl. If it's over a bowl, drape your article of clothing over it, possibly even securing it with a large rubber band or piece of string if you're worried it will move. Be sure to place the bowl in the sink or outside to avoid spilling hot water in your home, and pour the water at least two feet above the bowl. You will see the berry stains melt away.