Make This DIY Cinnamon Stick Candle To Welcome In The Fall

Soaking up the joys of the fall season means taking time out to enjoy the little things that make autumn magical. That means going for long walks on winding, leaf-fallen paths, picking out pumpkins from the patch, and drinking hot beverages as you bask in the warm company of family and friends. One way to spice up your fall experience is by scented candles. Candles make up a billion-dollar business, generating over $3 billion every year, with 35% of them being sold during the holiday season. This comes as no surprise because candles have a way of lighting things up, pun intended. Not only do they possess a decorative and calming aura, but scented candles can add a whole other dimension to the affair. If you're into DIY projects and you want to elevate your candle game this fall, then you'd absolutely adore this cinnamon stick candle that you won't have to burn and calls for only five ingredients.

Humans have a way of associating smells with things, and cinnamon has a solid throne in the fall season. Experts agree that candles can reduce your stress and anxiety levels, so what better way to usher in the coming holidays than by festive candles? The 6th Scent Candle is dishing out a recipe on TikTok for the best cinnamon stick candle you can get your mitts on this year.

This non-burning scented cinnamon candle recipe is easy to make

The fall season cheer is characterized by delicious spices floating in the air, so adding a fun cinnamon stick candle to your gift baskets or as décor would make you stand out. According to The 6th Scent Candle TikTok video, you'll need five ingredients: a candle jar, candle wax, cinnamon sticks, fragrance oil, and a couple of candle wicks and their holders.

First, melt the wax. Then, place the candle wicks in the jar and position them exactly where you want them to be before pouring in a very thin layer of wax, just enough to cover the candle wick holders and secure them. As soon as this is done, place the cinnamon sticks into the jar as well and wait for the preliminary layer of wax to dry. This will hold the sticks in place. Once the wax hardens, gradually pour in the fragrance oil until it fills up the jar. Feel free to garnish the candle top with cinnamon stick shavings or any cute little pieces you can find. Because this candle isn't meant to be burned with an open flame, once it's cured, you can place it in a candle warmer or wrap it up as a gift for eager guests.