The Bathroom Upgrade Worth Splurging On For A Sparkling Clean Toilet

One of the hardest parts of the toilet to clean are the crevices and corners around the seat hinges and the space against the toilet tank itself. This area is typically very cramped and hard to maneuver around, and while it doesn't generally see the kind of stains the rest of the toilet does, it still collects all manner of dirt, dust, and grime. If you're the kind of person who spends an inordinately long period of time trying to get that area spotless despite the challenges, then a quick-release toilet seat is what you need.

Quick-release toilet seats have specialty hinges that disconnect and reconnect with a simple click, allowing the seat to be entirely removed, cleaned, and reattached without a second thought. They're on average slightly higher priced than your run-of-the-mill toilet seat, but some aren't that much more at all. There's actually a wide range of price points, from $20 to $200. And even if you go for the top of the line, some would consider $200 per bathroom a small price to pay for toilet seats you can always get perfectly clean.

Cleaning a toilet seat with quick-release hinges

Unlike cleaning a toilet bowl, cleaning a toilet seat is a more delicate matter. Using the toilet brush to clean the seat can result in scratches and a dulled finish. Moreover, harsh chemicals — like the ones you might use to clean the toilet bowl — aren't made for toilet seats. Instead, you should use a mild soap or multipurpose cleaner with a cleansing cloth or even a disinfectant wipe. You don't want to submerge the seat in water, but you do want to rinse it well, perhaps with a moistened towel, then wipe the water away with a dry one. The best way to do this is by removing the toilet entirely from the commode, which you can do with quick-release hinges.

Simply lift up the hinge covers and pull the toilet seat free. Completely removed from the rest of the toilet, you can move the seat easily and clean every inch of it, from the lid to the underside of the seat. In addition, while the seat is removed, you can thoroughly wipe around the hinges and in the space usually cramped between the seat and the tank. Once everything is spic and span, simply click the toilet seat back into place and close the now-spotless hinge covers over the quick-release mechanism. This will keep your seat securely attached until it's time to clean it again.