Use Your Leaf Blower For Some Rain Gutter Maintenance This Fall

While we enjoy watching the leaves change and fall as winter approaches, keeping up with the yard's maintenance is vital. The combination of leaves and rain can clog your rain gutters if they're not properly cleaned. Cleaning the leaves with your hands can take a long time, but using your leaf blower can make the process faster. You don't have to worry about sitting on your knees and digging out leaves with your hands. The leaf blower acts as a rake that you can use to push out the leaves.

The rain gutters help protect your home by diverting water to the ground, instead of letting it run directly off your roof, and neglecting to clean your rain gutters can lead to leaky roofs and water damage. It also creates a home for pests in the clogged downspouts. Cleaning your rain gutters twice a year is ideal for keeping them in good condition, and using a leaf blower to remove all the leaves will make cleaning the rain gutters effortless.

Use a leaf blower as a rake to eliminate leaves

To get rid of every last leaf in your rain gutters, use a leaf blower to push out leaves so that you don't have to spend ages hand-picking them. YouTuber Explains It Like You're 5  stands on his house's roof, and with the leaf blower's nozzle, he digs it into the pile of leaves and scoops them out. The leaf blower is on the entire time, so when he's scooping the leaves, they get blown to the ground. Sometimes, the roof will have hard-to-reach areas, so using the leaf blower will prevent you from kneeling and stretching to remove the leaves with your hands. The YouTuber recommends cleaning the leaves from the rain gutters before rainy days to avoid clogging the downspouts.

Another excellent way to use your leaf blower to clean your rain gutters is by positioning the nozzle at the downspout's opening and blowing air into it to clear out the leaves. YouTuber Explains It Like You're 5 blows air through the downspout from the roof so that all the leaves end up on the ground. However, TikTok user @jmg8tor shows that blowing the leaves from the bottom of the downspout so that they land on the roof can also help clear them out. Do this regularly, and you'll help keep out debris and leaves from your gutters during the fall.