Remove Wrinkles From Your Leather Sofa With A Handy Item From Your Bathroom

Buying a leather couch is a great investment thanks to its longevity and low-maintenance nature. However, even leather can start to look its age over time, and wrinkles are one of the first ways to spot it. Luckily, one tool to turn back time is likely already in your bathroom — that'd be your hair dryer. 

You read that right. While you may have heard about the dangers of keeping leather goods too close to sources of heat, heat can actually work wonders at restoring wrinkled leather. Such is the case when using a hair dryer on your sofa. Granted, hair dryers are designed not to put out too much direct heat, so this is a hack best used on newly formed wrinkles. Think of it as a form of preventative Botox for your sofa rather than a heavy duty fix.  

So, if you're determined to stop those shallow wrinkles in their tracks, grab your hair dryer and let's get to smoothing them out. You'll also need a dampened cloth for this one. Oh, and be sure to know any other materials besides genuine leather your sofa is made of before getting started. 

Use a hair dryer to make leather wrinkles disappear

Start by turning on your hair dryer at its highest heat setting. From about 10 inches away, blast it directly at the wrinkled spots on your sofa. As demonstrated by, smooth the area with your dampened cloth as you go to effectively wipe the wrinkles out. Keep at it for a few minutes at a time, and don't expect to see immediate results. Even on full blast, a hair dryer won't heat up too much — the air is constantly circulating, which means that even the heat you do get won't be as direct. 

One thing you'll definitely want to be mindful of while using a hair dryer on furniture is any other materials it is made of aside from leather. For instance, if there is any vinyl on the couch, direct heat could do serious damage. That's not to say you can't use the hack at all, but be sure to work even more gently in those areas. 

In the event that even after a slow and steady attempt with the hair dryer, you're still not seeing any difference, one alternative you can try is a heat gun. These have significantly more power than a hair dryer would, making them a better bet for deeper wrinkles. Start off with the lowest heat setting, and be sure to use a leather conditioner first to avoid causing any damage.