The Foolproof Way To Clean Your Shaker Cabinet's Nooks And Crannies

While all kitchens need a good spring clean every now and again, some styles can get more dirty than others. If you are the proud owner of shaker kitchen cabinets, you may notice that they often get dirty despite your best efforts. While this is undoubtedly frustrating, it turns out there is a simple fix to the problem — compressed air. Although it may seem like a bizarre choice, @home_made_kinkade from TikTok shows how easy it is to remove any unsightly dirt that manages to wedge its way into the crevices of your shaker cabinets. 

If you're regularly struggling with dirty cabinets, this hack could be your ticket to cultivating a clean kitchen. Likewise, it can also help you save time — after all, nobody wants to spend what feels like hours on end trying to clean into every corner. So, how exactly do you use compressed air for such a task? Thankfully, it's relatively easy.

Blow out the dirt in your cabinets

For this nifty hack, all you'll need is a bottle of compressed air — you may already have some tucked away in your garage. Simply take your bottle of compressed air and push the small application straw along the hard-to-reach parts of your shaker cabinets, such as around the grooves on the doors or in the back corners. The compressed air should help dislodge anything trapped and leave you with a grime-free surface. 

The reason this hack works so well is because the power of the stream of air helps to get any dirt moving. Naturally, you can combine this with other parts of your cleaning routine if you wish for an even better finish. For example, you could do it after dusting your kitchen cabinets to ensure you get everything. However, you should always ensure you're careful when using the product — keep it pointed away from yourself or others, and wear eye protection.