Easily Dust Your Kitchen Cabinets With This Viral Newspaper Hack

Keeping your kitchen cabinets clean is not just a matter of aesthetics. It's also essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. The tops of cabinets, in particular, tend to accumulate dust, grease, and grime over time, especially if you cook at home frequently. Dust and dirt on the tops of cabinets can gradually find their way onto other surfaces, including countertops, dishes, utensils, and even food.

By implementing a viral newspaper hack, you can easily create a barrier that collects and traps this mess, preventing its spread. As a bonus, it also reduces the need for frequent dusting and scrubbing.

The concept behind the newspaper hack is surprisingly straightforward. By lining hard-to-reach areas with pages of paper, you can efficiently capture and remove dust particles and minimize grease buildup. This practical and cost-effective solution protects the tops of your cabinets, ensuring a more sanitary kitchen environment and simplifying your cleaning routine. 

Implementing the newspaper hack

To get started, you'll need a stack of newspapers. Opt for full sheets large enough to cover the tops of your high cabinetry effectively. A pair of gloves will keep your hands free of ink and dirt. You'll also want to thoroughly clean the area before proceeding, as the intention is to keep the surface tidy.

When you're ready to begin, take a full sheet of the paper and carefully lay it flat on top of your high cabinets. Ensure the entire surface area is covered, extending the pages to the back edge and overlapping as needed. If grease is a concern, you may want to apply a few layers of paper.

Over time, dust, grease, and grime will accumulate on this protective barrier. Since the substances adhere to the pages, they won't go directly onto your cabinets. After two or three months, check the newspaper on top of your cabinets to assess its level of dirtiness. Once you notice significant dust, grease, or grime buildup, carefully remove the grungy sheets and replace them with fresh ones. Finally, toss the grimy paper in the trash.

Considerations and alternatives

While lining the tops of cabinets with newspaper sheets offers many advantages, it's essential to consider potential downsides, alternative methods, and additional tips for an optimal cleaning experience. For instance, printed papers can leave ink residue on cabinetry surfaces. Also, while newspapers effectively prevent dust accumulation, they may not be as efficient at absorbing grease or sticky residue.

Sheets of wax paper can serve as an alternative. The wax coating provides a barrier that helps trap dust and oil without any ink transfer. Cut the wax paper into appropriately sized sheets and place them on top of your high cabinets, replacing them as needed.

In kitchens where grease buildup is a significant concern, combining the newspaper hack with periodic deep cleaning methods is advisable to maintain pristine cabinetry surfaces. When cleaning high cabinets, take appropriate safety precautions. Use a sturdy step ladder or step stool to access the areas safely, and ensure the ladder is stable and positioned correctly.