The All-Time Favorite Light Neutral Paints Of HGTV Stars

Neutral paint is one design element that never truly goes out of style. Despite being a seemingly mundane palette, it can take on many shades and undertones, creating the perfect backdrop for anyone's design preferences. Whether looking for cool and contemporary vibes or warmer bohemian styles, you'd be surprised at the life that light neutrals can breathe into a space. This fact doesn't go unnoticed by some of the most influential voices in the design industry, with HGTV celebrities often choosing light hues as some of their all-time favorite go-to's.

From creamy and beige varnishes to undertones of yellow and red, neutral walls can complement a room in the most straightforward ways while encouraging statement pieces and other colors to shine. If you're considering a neutral base for your home, take advice from these HGTV stars across several beloved series on their favorite paints and how these colors can enhance a room.

Mina Starsiak Hawk: Rhinestone

HGTV's "Good Bones" star, Mina Starsiak Hawk, praises Sherwin-Williams' white shade Rhinestone. Known for her stunning home renovations and being co-owner of Two Chicks with a Hammer, Starsiak Hawk chooses a white that casts grayish-blue undertones. "I have this color in all of my home's common areas. It's subtle but not boring," she told HGTV. The paint's cool underlying quality elevates the crisp white of any upholstery, pillows, throws, rugs, and other home accents to a new level.

Jenny Marrs: White Dove

Jenny Marrs, a co-star of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous," singles out whites like Benjamin Moore's White Dove as a go-to choice. White Dove was used in Marrs' child's nursery for the wall's extensive trim, with a green base and natural wood décor. "For me, also for our house, I chose to do white paint," Marrs said per Better Homes and Gardens. "It makes everything feel a little bit brighter and a little bit bigger because we have a small house. And although people think it's a bad choice with kids, it's actually the easiest choice with kids."

Jasmine Roth: Pure White

Jasmine Roth stars in HGTV's "Help! I Wrecked My House" and is the founder of the online retail store Build Custom Homes. Choosing Sherwin-Williams' Pure White as her favorite white paint, she says she uses it "for almost every project trim, ceilings, you name it," (via HGTV). The Sherwin-Williams shade is a bright white that levels the space with a touch of yellow added into the mix, creating a warmer feel that melts into the space.

Erin Napier: Brown Buzz

Author, business-owner, and co-host of HGTV's "Home Town" with her husband Ben, Erin Napier lists Valspar's Brown Buzz paint as one of her favorites on Homes and Gardens. Used in season one of "Home Town" for a dining room, Napier explained, "The dining room needed to be a non-descript and aged color that reminded me of the wall colors I'd seen in old French country homes." The warm and light brown takes on the slightest green shein, invoking subtle earthy undertones.

Breegan Jane: Cool December

Breegan Jane, residential and commercial interior designer, philanthropist, and star of HGTV's "Dream Home," is all in on Dunn-Edwards white shade of Cool December. Jane tells HGTV that "this white is balanced, pleasant, and just blue enough." The beaming white graces a room with a contemporary and brisk quality, possessing a twinge of blue in its midst.

Nate Berkus: Smokey Taupe

Nate Berkus, interior designer, author, and co-host of HGTV's "The Nate and Jeremiah Project," took to his Instagram to display his favorite neutral colors. One of the colors well-loved by Berkus is Benjamin Moore's Smokey Taupe. This creamy beige is part of Benjamin Moore's Classics Collection and will give any space the warmer tone it needs while maintaining an airy and luster look. 

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt: Snowfall

Founders of Dirt 2 Design and co-stars on HGTV's "100 Day Dream Home," the husband and wife duo prefer Sherwin-Williams' white shade Snowfall. Brian jokes with HGTV that the color is "the only snow we see here in Florida." Despite its name, the paint brings a twist to the space with its purplish undertone. With a subtle splash of color added to the mix, one can expect accents of plums, pastel pinks, and even blues to really pop when paired with Sherwin-Williams' Snowfall.

Emily Henderson: Gray Owl

Interior designer and host of HGTV's "Secrets of a Stylist," Emily Henderson has Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl in her go-to palette. Having used the light neutral in her own lake house for the master bedroom and bathroom, she noted on her blog that the color "is slightly more brown than other grays, and yet sometimes looks green ... which makes it warmer." She continues, "It is a great medium-toned gray, not too dark and not too light." 

Drew and Jonathan Scott: Cloud White

Known as the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott star in several HGTV series, including "Property Brothers: Forever Home." The realtor and contractor duo name Kelly Moore Paints' Cloud White as one they return to time and time again. The white shade offers a classic white with a hint of gray spread throughout, creating a timeless color. Jonathan even used Cloud White in his own home on Season 6 of their HGTV show "Brother vs. Brother." 

Joanna Gaines: Wedding Band

The color Wedding Band from Magnolia is a favorite of Joanna Gaines, interior designer, author, and co-host of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" with her husband Chip. "In a bathroom, I like the idea of using something fresh and clean, like one of my favorite grays, Wedding Band," Gaines said via Elle Decor

Taniya Nayak: White Flour

Founder of Taniya Nayak Design, Inc., and mentor on HGTV's "Battle of the Beach" alongside Alison Victoria and Ty Pennington, Taniya Nayak turns to Sherwin-Williams' White Flour when needing a staple white paint for her spaces. Nayak vouches for this color, saying, "This is my go-to because, like Goldilocks says, It's 'just right'"  (via HGTV). White Flour is a fall essential with a warmer approach and an ivory tint as it accentuates earthy palettes of beige browns, burnt oranges, and maroon reds.