The Genius Mouthwash Hack That'll Help You Get Rid Of Cockroaches

It can become pretty overwhelming to discover you have unwanted roaches in your house. These are dirty pests that can spread bacteria and pathogens throughout your home, so eliminating them quickly is important. But figuring out how to do so can be difficult, especially with all the different pest-control products on the market to choose from. Instead of stressing yourself out, your best bet is to use something that is already in your home. And one such item is anti-bacterial mouthwash, such as Listerine. Listerine specifically contains nearly 27% alcohol, which can dehydrate and eventually kill the roach if it drinks it. However, it's the methyl salicylate in the product that will kill the cockroach instantly if a significant amount is applied topically to the insect. 

Using something you already have in your bathroom to fight back against invading roaches is a smart move because it allows you to immediately jump into action before the problem gets worse. If you get a mouthwash insecticide ready, you can begin spraying these troublesome bugs as soon as you see them. This can help you keep your roach problem in check, and can possibly even keep it from becoming an infestation. 

How to use Listerine to kill and deter roaches

First thing's first: This hack is best used on a few rogue roaches you see in your home — not on an infestation. That's because you will need to soak the pests with mouthwash to kill them, which isn't feasible for more than a handful of them. But if you think you only have a few to deal with, keep reading. 

All you will need is a bottle of Listerine and a spray bottle. Pour the green liquid into the bottle, and switch the nozzle from "mist" to "shoot." Then, leave the sprayer in the room where you see the most activity. Every time you see one scuttle by, spray it liberally with mouthwash, taking special care to really drench it. This is important, because the roach will need to be heavily soaked in order to die. 

You can also use mouthwash as a deterrent. Simply spray it under sink cabinets, near fridges, in basements, or wherever you expect to find the critters. Besides alcohol, mouthwash also contains ingredients like menthol and eucalyptol, which have a potent scent that repels roaches out of your house