Hide Your Clunky IKEA Cabinet Legs With One Simple Hack

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If you're an avid IKEA shopper, then you know how incredible their furniture is, especially the cabinetry. All IKEA cabinets require that steel support legs be attached to the base of them, whether they match your home's aesthetic or not. This means you may want to hide these legs, and you can easily do so with an IKEA toe-kick and some iron-on wood veneer. For example, the FÖRBÄTTRA is an ideal choice for an adaptable toe-kick, but it only comes in solid colors. Although you can choose from six different neutral shades, you may want to add some pizazz to your cabinetry, and wood veneer is an affordable (and customizable) way of doing so. 

You might even be wondering why your IKEA cabinets need legs at all. If you have the IKEA SEKTION base cabinet, for example, then you definitely need to use the accompanying SEKTION support legs. Otherwise, you're relying on nothing more than wall brackets to support the full weight of your cabinets. And since base cabinets usually hold sinks — sometimes weighing as much as 100 pounds — you want as much support as possible. This genius TikTok hack hides any IKEA legs you don't wish to see, adding some unique wood finishes to your home.

Add some iron-on wood veneer

Your IKEA cabinets may have come with toe-kicks. If they didn't, you just need to purchase the ones that best fit your cabinetry, along with some iron-on wood veneer. Since IKEA's toe-kicks snap into place, this hack can be completed without any heavy-duty tools (unless you need to cut your toe-kicks to match the length of your cabinets). Since the FÖRBÄTTRA toe-kick is 4½ inches wide, you should look for wood veneer that's at least that width, cutting it to match the exact specifications needed. Don't worry if your wood veneer isn't trimmed perfectly — once it's attached to your toe-kick, you can clean it up with a veneer edge trimmer.

After your wood veneer is cut and ready to go, simply line it up on your toe-kick and start ironing. According to @hauz.and.co, if you iron on the wood veneer and find that it looks crooked, you can remove it and iron it on again (so long as you do this right away, before the adhesive sets). Then all you have to do is clip your toe-kicks into place, and you'll have bespoke IKEA cabinets in no time, thanks to this incredible TikTok hack!