Cinnamon Is The Star Of This Easy DIY Sink Scrub Cleaner

Scrubbing the sink with sprayable cleaning products helps eliminate dirt, grime, and stains, but they emit a strong odor that can make you sneeze the entire time you're cleaning. Whether you let cleaning products sit for a few minutes or scrub the solution immediately, the chemical scents can linger for a while. If you're sensitive to potent chemical smells, DIYing cleaning solutions with ingredient substitutes can help prevent you from inhaling the chemicals as you clean. Plus, you can incorporate sweet-smelling ingredients, like cinnamon, to give your home a warm, pleasant aroma. An effortless DIY sink scrub cleaner you can make at home involves three ingredients: baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. The baking soda and salt have gentle abrasive properties, and when combined with the antibacterial effects of cinnamon, they give you the perfect sweet-smelling cleaning solution.

When cleaning the kitchen with intense, fragrant products, they can cause temporary health issues, such as headaches or nose and throat irritation. Some long-term issues can be chronic respiratory problems and allergic reactions from the chemical ingredients used, especially volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are chemicals that disappear into the air (via the American Lung Association). A few cleaning supplies that could cause potential health risks are chlorine bleach, oven cleaners, and other aerosol spray cleaning products. By creating homemade cleaning solutions with cinnamon, you're able to protect your health, fill your space with a sweet smell, and deep clean your sink so it's free of germs, dirt, and stains. Here's how.

Say goodbye to chemical smells with cinnamon

The cinnamon sink scrub cleaner is an excellent, budget-friendly option since natural ingredients are used. The baking soda, salt, and cinnamon powder cost less than $5 together, giving you the perfect cleaning solution you can use any time around your kitchen. Plus, using the cinnamon is an incredible replacement for essential oils like peppermint, which can be more expensive and potent. To create a natural sink scrub cleaner, mix ¾ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of salt, and 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon in a bowl. Transfer your mixture to a recyclable spice bottle with a lid with holes to sprinkle over the sink flawlessly. Keeping it in a small container takes up minimal space in your cabinet under the sink. Be sure to add a small label on the bottle so you know what it is, and don't confuse it for a cooking spice.

When you're ready to clean your sink, simply sprinkle the cleaning solution over the surface and scrub the solution with a wet sponge. When you start rubbing the powder around the sink, you'll notice that it'll turn a brown color from the cinnamon. However, it won't stain your sink or make it dirtier; once you rinse everything, it'll be sparkly clean and leave you with a sweet smell. The cinnamon sink scrub will last you for many months, and when you're running out, you can easily make a new batch.