Turn Your Old Laundry Detergent Container Into An Adorable Planter In A Few Simple Steps

If you're a plant enthusiast, you might have one too many plants in your home and have participated in countless DIY projects to fit a few more. You've mastered turning unused items into planters, such as an old filing cabinet, trash cans, or old tiles, to prevent purchasing new planters. If you've run out of things to recycle as plant pots, we have an interesting item you can use to add to your collection of odd planters: a laundry detergent container. Typically, laundry detergent containers are thrown into recycling bins when they're empty, but they're the perfect item to hold any plant you want to display in your home.

Further, laundry detergent containers give you the creative freedom to design them however you want. For instance, you can paint them with a theme to complement your home's interior. Transforming a laundry detergent container into a planter is easy, with a few simple steps. You'll need an old laundry detergent container, a craft knife, scissors, a sander, your plants, and soil for a straightforward sans-design planter. However, if you want to give your container a paint job, you'll need your choice of paint, a paintbrush, and paper towels. The results give you a gorgeous upscale planter; guests will think it's store-bought. You can make various laundry detergent planters for yourself or gift them to friends and family.

Steps for DIYing an old laundry detergent container into a planter

TikTok user @rickyricardo935 keeps the laundry detergent container as is. Simply remove the labeling and poke a few holes in the container's bottom to create a draining system. Then, cut a deep V-shape on the flat side of the container. Sand down the sides to prevent injuring yourself. Finally, fill the container with soil and plants. You'll want to place it in a flat container to catch the water that drips from the bottom to decorate your living room or kitchen with the plant. However, if it's kept outside, you won't need an extra container since the water can flow to the surrounding area, especially other plants.

If you want to go a step further and customize your planter, try giving it a fun shape like a moon or paint the V-shape container. For the moon shape, use a pot lid to draw semi-circles on both sides of the container and cut them with the craft knife. Sand down the edges and remove any leftover markings from the outlines. You can stop here and fill the pot with soil and your plants or paint it for a pop of color. You'll need multiple coats to cover the container's color. You can also add small details like stars, hearts, dots, etc. after it has finished drying.