The Pool Noodle Hack That Makes Cleaning Hard To Reach Cobwebs Easier Than Ever

After a spider leaves your home — or a particular room — it leaves behind silky threads that turn into the dusty cobwebs you see in horror movies. Dirt and debris collect on these threads, creating inelastic spindly strands that seem to dance in the tall corners of your home. Over time, these cobwebs grow bigger as more and more dust accumulates, especially if you go months without cleaning them. Luckily, attaching a pool noodle to your vacuum can rid your home of unsightly cobwebs once and for all.

If you have a feather duster with one of those long handles, you might think you're ridding your home of dust and allergens, bidding adieu to any unsightly cobwebs. Unfortunately, you may only be relocating dust from one part of your home to another. Vacuuming, on the other hand, can completely remove dust from surfaces, and this incredible TikTok hack can help vacuum these hard-to-reach areas around your home.  

Attach a pool noodle to your vacuum

To get started, attach a pool noodle to the end of your vacuum, as demonstrated by TikTok user Ken.c.long in his clip. But first, to ensure proper suction when using it as a vacuum attachment, trim your hollow pool noodle down quite a bit. Keep in mind that the pool noodle needs to connect to something rigid in order for this trick to work, so don't connect it to a flexible vacuum hose.  

While this particular TikTok clip shows the pool noodle being connected to a handheld vacuum, there are several ways you can apply this hack. If you have a stick vac, for example, you can remove the metal tube and motorized brush head, using only the handheld component. To remove pesky cobwebs, attach your pool noodle to your vacuum via the long crevice tool. 

If you need extra length, attach the pool noodle to your stick vac along with the metal tube, removing the motorized brush head. However, keep in mind that the metal tube might be the same width as the opening of your pool noodle, making it difficult to attach. If this is the case, use your long crevice tool once again, working to secure the pool noodle in place. You may find that your pool noodle gathers cobwebs on its exterior. If it does, simply wipe it clean as you move from one tall, dusty corner of your home to the next.