Easily Organize And Store Your Batteries With A Dollar Tree Item

Does this sound familiar? "Uh oh. This thing didn't come with batteries" or maybe "The remote stopped working; where are the new batteries?" For scenarios where you need batteries in a pinch, an organized go-to storage box can be just the thing. And for about $1 from the Dollar Tree, you can organize and store different types of batteries for just such occasions. A battery storage box means no more sifting through drawers or boxes for a spare AA or 9-volt again.

Specifically, we're talking about the Tool Bench Hardware Storage Case, available from Dollar Tree for $1.25. It comes with multiple compartments large enough to store several battery sizes. General advice says it's a good idea to keep batteries in their original packaging, but somehow, they often still find a way of getting out and scattered. But in a plastic box with a lid, batteries should stay put. What's more, you can easily store such a box in a cool, dry place.

Choosing and using your battery storage box

Measuring 9 inches by 6 inches and 1 ¾ inches deep, the Tool Bench Hardware Storage Case from Dollar Tree (above) works well for storing the most common battery sizes: AA, AAA, C, and D. Note that AA, AAA, and C batteries measure between 43 and 46 millimeters in length. Of course, the box's compartments can also fit 9-volt batteries and coin or button-cell batteries, too.

The key to this battery box isn't just organization, though; but safety as well. You want to store batteries so that other metal objects (including other batteries) can't connect one end of the battery to the other, creating a short circuit. This is especially true for 9-volt batteries, which have both positive and negative terminals on the same end. The individual compartments of a plastic box, like this from Dollar Tree, provide the space and separation a battery needs.

Finally, in addition to sorting by size, it's also a good idea to organize your batteries by date of manufacture or purchase. While modern alkaline batteries can last up to a decade or more, it makes sense to use the older cells first so their power isn't wasted, especially if you're buying the household item in bulk to save money. Note that Dollar Tree also offers a three-compartment clear plastic storage box, also for $1.25, which should work fine, too, for your battery-storing needs but might tempt you to mix sizes.