Keep Your Yard Bat-Free With An Unlikely Essential Oil

Discovering bats flapping around your yard can be disheartening, especially if you're unsure how to deal with the problem. However, rather than taking drastic measures, you can swiftly deal with it using one secret ingredient: eucalyptus oil. Utilizing this magical ingredient could help you naturally ease your bat woes and eventually achieve a bat-free yard — providing that you deploy it correctly. 

Not only is this tactic relatively easy to implement, it's also perfect if you're on a budget and don't want to spend a fortune on resolving your bat problems (we all know dealing with pests can be pricey.) In fact, it can set you back up to $600 (according to Fixr), which is quite a substantial amount. So, if you're looking to save on costs and the situation hasn't yet become too extreme, this could be what you're looking for.

You should be able to use this trick anywhere in your yard, so your options shouldn't be too limited either. Wherever the bats are, you should be able to deter them effectively. So, how exactly do you use the eucalyptus oil? When you've learned how, it may just be your go-to every time. We'll break it down below.

You will need to be consistent

Of course, you'll need to arm yourself with some eucalyptus oil, which you should be able to find online or at a local store. Then, you'll need to dilute it with some water before spritzing it near the area the bats are inhabiting. If you're struggling to find where the bats are located, it will likely be high up. For example, some common areas where you may find bats in your yard include within close proximity to your roof or inside trees, according to The Bat Conservation Trust. Due to these types of locations, you should also ensure that you take care when applying your diluted mixture to any areas because you may have to climb ladders to reach higher areas. Safety should always be your priority here. However, if you do all of this correctly, you should start to notice a reduction in the number of bats.

The reason this tactic works so well is because bats specifically find the eucalyptus odor repulsive, which is why it can help to deter them from your yard. However, you'll have to make sure you spray a liberal amount consistently over a few days to ensure they avoid the area. Likewise, you should also make sure you don't bother them directly and instead wait until the area is empty. While it may take some patience, it should be well worth it, and you'll keep those bats away from your home