What To Do With Your Worn Clothes That Aren't Dirty Enough To Be Washed Yet

Tossing your once-worn clothes on the infamous chair might be an everyday occurrence for you. After all, they aren't dirty enough for the laundry hamper and aren't clean enough to be put back in the closet. Clothing items like jeans, sweaters, scarves, lounge clothes, and jackets don't necessarily require a wash after each wear since you don't often sweat in them or they're worn over other layers, limiting their contact with your body oils. However, the chair practice can lead to a messy and cluttered home, with the clothes wrinkling and developing a funky smell. So, what do you do with your worn clothes that aren't dirty enough to be washed yet?

You designate a space for these in-between garments, like getting a stylish laundry basket for them or placing them back in your closet. If you don't have the floor space to accommodate another hamper and would rather not risk inviting moths to nest in these slightly dirty garments by placing them back in the wardrobe, you also can try out other solutions.

Solutions for the in-between clothes

While the easiest solution to stay organized and keep your not-clean yet not-dirty clothes separate from the rest is to get an in-between hamper or a divided laundry bin, it might not be the best if you're short on floor space and don't want these garments to get wrinkled. Another solution is to hang these gray-area items in your closet with the hangers turned the opposite way to make distinguishing fresh clothes easier. You can even purchase hangers in a different color for these items. But, if you'd rather not spend precious time identifying the in-between clothes while you get dressed, clear out a shelf in your wardrobe or drawer and dedicate it to such garments.

You could also invest in wall hooks, and hammer them in secluded spots like behind the bedroom or closet door to keep them out of sight. This will keep your home clutter-free and let the clothes breathe. However, if you don't want to or can't create new holes in the walls, get over-the-door hooks or racks to hang these garments from until you want to wear them again. A valet or free-standing rack meant for clothes, towels, or blankets is another good option, especially if you have a system and clean out the draped items regularly. But, if you don't, you'd be back to square one and left with another "chair" and a messy room.